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Chins, Dips, and Supercompensation?

I dont no if this is right but my brother told me to do 50 chins and dips everyday for 5 days straight and take off for 2 or 3 days and i will super compensate supposely get a bit bigger , is this true he kinda is in love with Chad Waterbury and likes his principals. Im just asking you guys for your advice

What are your goals man?

Why not just do what people have been doing for like a zillion years that has made muscles grow?

Supercompensation is an aspect of some training programs. Does it work better than focusing on progression over time? Don’t know…never done it. Search for supercompensation on the site.

But, fundamentally, your body needs something to compensate from and therefore you need to train yourself to an overtrained state. 50 chins and dips is a pretty light load.

As Beans said, why not stick with what has proven to work?

Overreaching followed by a period of rest can result in supercompensation, yes. The Smolov squat cycle is an example of a program that uses that. The question is if you’re in a position to benefit from it. Are you sure you’re not making things more complicated and fancy than you need to?

Never done it personally but it seems to be used with success. The problem is that I always see it being presented with ultra-high volume, intensiveness, and intensity. Methinks someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing in the gym, as far as exercise selection, program design, and execution, probably has a much higher chance of injuring themselves going this route, than if they were to go with a more traditional progression. Nothing is worse for gains like being away from the gym for lengths of time due to injury.

Just remember that if you run anysort of supercompensation/ overreaching style program you will have to eat like a motherfucker.

i wouldnt be doing it very often either. just my 2c

When i do high volume dips i tend to have my triceps cramp up in a scary way. i thought i tore it once it basically just rolled up to the top of my arm. scary shit.

hell though thats prbly just me. regardless i prefer weighted dips over high rep dips(i prefer heavy weight over high reps for every lift though)

i digress. the only way to find out is to try it. do the program and come back and teach us something. tell us how it felt.

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