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Chins, Dips and Run Program

Hi Dr. Darden-
This question applies to the Chins,Dips and Run program from your 10 Hidden Principles of Muscle Growth article.
What do you recommend one do if they dont get through all 5 reps of an exercise done as prescribed-- keep at it until all 5 are complete(while not increasing the number of cycles until rep goal is met); do rest pause to get all 5 reps or something else.
Thank you for your help.

When I did the program, I didn’t always follow the prescribed rep range, but rather tried to match the time and do chins and dips for 25 seconds and do the final negative for 15 seconds. Usually my rep range matched but in the latter weeks, when you’re doing 6 sets of it, on the last sets I had to slow down my reps to a degree just to get through it. If you can’t complete any more positive reps, he has suggested just slowly lowering yourself for negative only reps and using a chair or step to get to the top and then do your final rep for a 15 second negative.

Dave’s suggestions are on-target.