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Chins and Eccentrics

After much window shopping I finally bit the bullet and bought a dips belt. I’ve just finished a cutting cycle taking me from 197lb to 185lb (currently about 10-11%bf) and so I’m feeling a bit small, so my primary focus is now hypertrophy. The chin bar at my gym is the type that has steps at either side so that you can step up to the top of the movement and do eccentric only if required. Is there some rule of thumb ratio that should be used in balancing concentric or complete rep sets compared to eccentric only (huge difference in amount of weighting used), or would all sets being full reps be better in the interests of balance. I realise that with future hindsight this may turn out to be a qualifier for ‘most stupid question of the month’ award. I promise to slap my forehead and say ‘duh!’ if that is the case, it’s just that I don’t see anybody at all in my gym using weights for chins or dips except me, and I’m wondering if it’s they who are all lemmings, or if I am the sole idiot. There only seems to be two types of person there: 1. Cardio queens, or 2. 250lb/20%bf+ silverbacked roid gorillas (who’s feet stay firmly on the floor and leave the chin bar strangely untouched). Any guidance very much appreciated.

Heavy Eccentric negatives are very intense and should be saved for your strength cycles. If you want hypertrophy stay in those rep ranges for now and use a higher volume/less intense workout. It fine to add weight if you need it to fatigue yourself in the hypertrohy rep ranges.

For growth stay with complete movements. I do weighted Pull-ups and Dips. Man, you should’a seen the looks the first few times I waddled over to the dip bars with 90+ pounds swinging between my legs. Now at least a dozen people do added resistance dips and pull-ups.
Once they get over their shock, show’em donkey calf raises with a partner or two on your back. <he…he>

Thanks for your advice guys. I can’t do much more than around 3x10 on chins at the moment without losing form, even if unweighted! This has been the case for some time now. The reason I wanted to introduce weight to chins is that when my dips stagnated at around the 3x10 mark, I added 20K for a few weeks, where I could only manage say 6, 4, 4. But then when I tried unweighted again after that I was able to do 20,16,13. Of course this was just to see what I could do, and I stick to hypertrophy range with approriate weight for normal training. Same thing happened when I applied this idea to preacher curls - upped my weight by around 50% in just a few weeks. It’s looking like endurance is my weakness and this kind of overload somehow unsticks it. Thanks again.