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Chins and Dips Maxes


ey all

Thought it would be interesting too see what everyone's maxes(minimum 5 reps) are with chins and dips, yesterday due too friends trying too test me first on dips, I threw a 5kg plate on and repped out 8, then threw another 5kg plate on then repped out 5, so I was able to manage on my third set an extra 10kg(btw i already weigh between 97-100kg, just depending on time of day)

same deal with the chin ups did 5 kg for 8 then 10kg for 5

so what does everyone else do? please include current weight too give us an idea


Last Thursday I did 8 x 5 with 60 lbs. for chins.

Dipping hurts my shoulders, so I don't do it.


6'2" 230 lbs., with long ass arms

45 lbs. for five reps. This is a PR from today, and last month my best was 35 for five. I'm making fast progress here. :slight_smile:


Impressive stuff, man


Thanks, man. Up until this point it's been pretty easy (adding on 5 lbs a week), but now I can feel my progress becoming more of a grind.

Once I get to 2 plates then I'll think I've accomplished something.


On a good day I can hit BW + 90 lbs for 5 on dips, BW + 60 lbs for 5 on chins. Currently at 170 lbs at 5'9".


i weigh 177,
dips 110 lbs for 5 reps
chins 57.5 lbs for 5 reps


dips I can do 75 lbs, plus I weigh somewhere between 230-240. I decently happy with that number. Chins, probably only 20 :\


I've been doing my dips after bench and incline bench, but I can usually get 135 for 5 @ 260

[edit] forgot pullups

I can wide grip 25 for 3 reps I haven't tried a normal grip in a while


5'9 170
Dips - don't go heavy, doesn't work well on my shoulders
Pull Ups (supinated grip) - 45lb for sets of 10. I have done 3 reps with 90lbs


At 75 kg bodyweight I have done weighted dips 6 reps with 50 kg and weighted chins (narrow grip with palms facing) 3 reps with 50 kg.


Dips - 65kg for a single, at about 80kg BW, and I've done bodyweight for 43 reps just for a laugh.

Pullups (pronated grip) - 35kg for 3 at 75kg BW


tveddy that is some impressive numbers, especially the dips. Me, I am no where near where you guys stand, my max dips is around 25 last tried, and chins is about 15. When adding weight I've been able to do 70 pounds for 3 reps in my dips and 50 pounds for 3 reps on my chins. Long ass arms and I only weight 165.


I'm 160lbs...never tested my max on either, but the chins sure isn't much more that 50lbs.

Chins: 10x3 @ 45lbs

Dips : 4x6 @ 50lbs.

Yesterday I did the 5 4 3 2 1 scheme with dips at 45lbs, to switch it up. I think that was the hardest thing I've ever done in the gym!


At 250lbs bodyweight, I've done 100 pounds on dips 13 times at the end of a workout, and I've never done weighted pullups, but I've done 23 at bodyweight before.


I like threads like this, instead of asking what people's max bench is its chins/dips. Brings a tear to my eye. Dip: BW+90 x 2 Chins: BW+55lbs x 4.


23 at 250. Thats where I want to be. good work.


6'1 210

3 sets of 6 with 3 plates (thats 115 extra lbs)


^for dips