Chinese Weightlifting Training Hall

[quote]Bloobird wrote:
Over 3 times bodyweight actually.[/quote]

He wasn’t competition weight here, so was closer to 59-60kg bw

[quote]HolyMacaroni wrote:
whatever, went on a family trip to china last year. probably banged their sister.

If she really looked his sister then it was probably him in drag since the one child policy implies no siblings, so MM not MF :slight_smile:

[quote]dfreezy wrote:
Bloobird wrote:
Over 3 times bodyweight actually.

He wasn’t competition weight here, so was closer to 59-60kg bw[/quote]

Fair 'nuff.

[quote]hoosegow wrote:
Yah, but I’m free.[/quote]

You’re free!!! LOL!!!

This 13 year old Russian kid is about 53kg, clean and jerking 115kg…dang :frowning:

[quote]ronaldo7 wrote:
hoosegow wrote:
Yah, but I’m free.

You’re free!!! LOL!!![/quote]

Patriot Act yah? hahahaha

[quote]hoosegow wrote:
Yah, but I’m free.[/quote]

I’m better looking and taller…

Gotta love this comment:

fir3bender (5 months ago)
can you please send mev a personal message on whether or not the chinese do different lifts than the americans because if they become so strong they must be doing something different

Damn these Chinese people make a lot of noise (they make a HELL of a lot of noise for dragon boat if anyone knows what the hell that is).

On another note, I don’t know if they’ll pwn as hard in the 2012 Olympics…true, there’s the whole, their athletes are young and will only get better, but in 2008, in was on home turf, and their honor (yes, Chinese people care about honor some, the Japanese don’t have a monopoly on it) was on the line, so they had to push extra hard, but…oh what the hell am I talking about, they’ll probably be even stronger so as to be untouchable in 2012.

Maybe I have these crazy chinese olympic weightlifting genes… something to look into if I completely fail at building any appreciable mass.