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Chinese Weightlifting Training Hall


Somewhere in China, someone is Cleaning your squat max. And to rub salt into the wound, they're probably lighter than you.


nice vid...

Wonder if they'll dominate in 2012 like they did 2008. They were freakin' machines in Beijing.


They will, their athletes have so much room to grow since all the champions are in their early 20s and the entire women's team is miles ahead of everyone already. There is no way another women's team can close that gap in a 4 year time span.


great video!!!!!!!!!!!


The coach's table tennis is making Oly lifters look like fibbers in front of the other sports :smiley:


owell we still got Phelps


holy shit.

whatever, went on a family trip to china last year. probably banged their sister.



I hope you wrapped up, last thing we need is them getting hod of HolyMac genes, they'll be unbeatable!


Pretty much a walking refutation of "Winners Don't Do Drugs". Take that, every Spiderman comic of the late 80s and early 90s!


Why would anyone be sad about being out-lifted by Olympians...


There was only one olympian in that video.

I'm sad I'm being outlifted by a 15 year old who's lighter than me


O.o well in that case...fuck! lol


This one is still one of my favorites:

17 years old 56kg lifter clean & jerking an unofficial world record in training. Nearly triple bodyweight...


His total is pretty close to Pocket Hercules' total when he was 17. I'd say he's in the running for best ever sinclair.


Over 3 times bodyweight actually.


Yah, but I'm free.


you make it sound like being forced to lift weights for 10 hours a day since you were 5 is a bad thing.

more like a dream come true


Being forced to do anything is a bad thing.

I lift because I want to, not because I have to.


yeah but you would have found out you actually wanted to a lot sooner if you were forced to at first.


Don't get me wrong. It is impressive as hell.