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Chinese Weightlifting Methods


Here is everything i can find on said topic

http://www.pendlayforum.com/showthread.php?t=2831&page=4 ignore the last 2 pages
http://www.haskestrength.com/2011/07/insight-into-chinese-weightlifting.html less pretty side sadly

Just in case anyone hasn't seen some/any of it.




great stuff, have read all of this but it's a great resource.


Good links!


Seen some of it before, but a good read nonetheless.


Hey I finally discovered the secret behind most east european and chinese training regimens!!

Its called HARD WORK


Excellent links, many thanks for posting!


Hard work without a direction is useless.


That's what a good coach is for. The lifter provides the hard work and the coach provides the direction. Usually a winning combo.

I think the US is getting some good 'direction' w/Zygmunt Smalcerz now!


This is just for people who were intrested, for their own training, for coaches. Not for people to argue about america, which is what everyone seems to bring most threads to.




Thats where everything seems to end up on lol


But to be fair, it is a very US centric forum...



I know i was just hoping they could restrain themselves lol. If they wanted to argue about the chinese then that would have been fine but just to randomly bring up america.


Perhaps my comprehension is lacking, but I fail to see how my one comment building on your comment, 'hard work w/out direction is useless' is 'arguing'. Likewise, the example I chose to provide comes from a club member's experience w/Coach Smalcerz (he placed 7th @ Jr. World's this year).
To clarify, the example was how the pairing of a good coach provides good 'direction' to an athlete who works 'hard' and I gave an example that I'm familiar with (apologies is my example being American makes it 'US centric').

For the record, I have read Kirk's (Kirksman) materials and followed the threads discussing it on various weightlifting forums.


I only meant it's US centric to the person who mentioned why we get a US comment. Not entirely sure why we had a US comment either.



To be fair if the US started caring about strength then it wouldn't have to keep coming up!




It's kind of funny actually I think there are few Americans that post in the Oly forum regularly. I think most of us are from Canada or the UK.


Canada is teh awesome. Canadian women qualified three weightlifting slots for London already. Boo-yah. No idea how "Chinese" their training system is though.


i thought we all pretty much sucked. western countries at weightlifting, i mean.