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Chinese Weightlifting Experience at ATG

Anybody else read Larry’s Chinese Weightlifting Experience at AllThingsGym? It’s a great read, very informative.

It’s a multipart series; there are three parts currently with more to come. Check it out if you haven’t already.

I read it as he blogged about it on his training journal. Very cool info.

I’ve made adjustments to my training because of it

FS setup position
Doing a sh!t tonne of pulls


It is definitely worth reading. Really quite interesting. I am looking forward to the future installments. Overall ATG is a great site.

[quote]Koing wrote:
FS setup position
Doing a sh!t tonne of pulls[/quote]

Yep. The heavy pulls to a max done often (3x/week, and I think Larry wrote they are essentially done to failure) reminded me of what Klokov said in one of his youtube comments about doing something similar, although he even said to train deadlifts daily.

I find it very interesting how that contradicts what I’ve learned from other sources and methodologies. I don’t really know enough to have an informed and educated opinion on the subject, but I still find it all very interesting, and I’m glad that we’re able to get a look at the various ways other international athletes train.