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Chinese Row with Deadsquat Bar?


@ CT I have trying to justify the cost to myself and thus have been trying to think of different exercises to do with the deadsquat and was wondering if you have tried the chinese row with the deadsquat bar?


I have not tried it, but if it fits the bench you are using it should work well. I really like neutral grip DB chinese row so the Deadsquat bar should be perferct


…what about proneted grip DB row it self… do u like it and if yes then why…


Chest-supported you mean? I like any chinese row variation, use many different grips and implements. I wouldn’t say that one is superior to the other but I feel that the back responds well to small variations


not supported… do protned grip on back day same way i do 1 arm row… just use dumbell pornated grp and i like it idk why im so strong on these


I sometimes do them, but normally I don’t like them. The neural drive is split between activating the lats/mid back and the lower back/glutes and hams to maintain posture. This leads to an inferior recruitment of the upper back


i support my arm on bench and do it pronated grip… does that help buid my upper back muscle? like lats and rahmboids ?i do this and normal 1 arm row too… but im stranger prponated


I understand how you put your hand/arm on the bench if you do a 1-arm row, but how do you do it when you do it with both arms?

Any rowing movement will “work”, but the real secret to know if it will build muscle is this:

During your et are you feeling the back muscles doing the job and at the end of the set are the back muscles feeling pumped. If the answer is yes, then it will work. Its not that the pump is what builds muscle (it is not), it is that the muscle that gets pumped is the muscle that did the work. So at the end of the set you can know if the exercise you did hit the muscle you want to build.


what really get my lat pumped… if i get the meaning right… like a little lag in my arm when moving it .s these lifts… seated close grip row and close grip lat pull down… v bar grip
i pull shoulder back and down… and try to make my upper arm touch my back it self… that way i kinda feel it… but any thing else i dont feel in the back. so bascialy u saying iam not building muscle untel its pumpeD?