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Chinese Put Melamine In Milk

SHIJIAZHUANG, China - China’s food safety crisis widened Friday after the industrial chemical melamine was found in milk produced by three of the country’s leading dairy companies �?? prompting stores, including Starbucks, to yank milk from their shelves.


I posted this because almost much of the protein powder in the United States comes from China. From the article:

[b]But the Food and Drug Administration said it is stepping up inspections at ports as a precaution. Inspectors will be sampling bulk shipments of food ingredients from Asia that are derived from milk, such as milk powder and whey powder.

The FDA also plans to issue a consumer alert warning people not to buy milk products from China on the Internet.[/b]

Shit - CL, good post.

I heard about this yesterday and they were trying to play it down - like fuck knows how many babies dead and in critical condition is ok yeah?

Didn’t realise it’d gone so far though.

Again, good post.

I have always suspected that powdered BCAAs were mostly melamine.

Ever mix powdered BCAAs? It’s like literally mixing plastic into water.

BCAAs are hydrophobic (mostly), so it’s impossible for we consumers to know for sure whether it’s the BCAAs themselves that make it hard to mix; or whether we’re paying for melamin.

The supplement industry must respond to this. I will personally not order any protein that is not guaranteed to be melamine-free.

The problem is that melamine tests as nitrogen. You must run additional tests to determine if there is melamine. The time is NOW for supplement companies to do this.

I’ll pay more if I have guarantees that I’m not ingesting plastic-like substances.

Chinese businesses have proven that they cannot be trusted. Lead paint, killer pet food, and now melamine in milk. Additional tests must be required.

As of today, my new assumption is that any supplement company not actively testing for melamine has products that contain it. Otherwise, test it. It’s out safety as consumers, after all.