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Chinese O-Lifting Training Pics


Cool photo gallery on Flickr of Olympic lifting training in china.


Some pretty cool pictures in there.



Great photos.

"Somewhere out there, a chinese girl is warming up with your max"

And now I know it's true




I find this caption amusing.

I hope this guy keeps posting more; there are some amazing shots here.


If those are all 20's...


Inspiring pics, man.


Totally awesome thanks for sharing.


Thanks for these. The great thing about them, aside from being damn inspirational, is that many are very good photos, too, not the usual half-assed crap.
I am so hoping to make it up to Beijing for the lifting in two years.


aside from being able to lift that much weight...those dudes got some really impressive aesthetic physiques and anyone who says otherwise must die.


Glad you guys liked em. I didnt take them, someone posted about them on Sherdog (MMA Forum) and i thought some of you over here would enjoy them. It sure makes me want to learn the basics of the O-lifts.



That was awesome! thanks for that!


I could not resist . . .
from the same site


that's awesome!!!


Do you find that funny because he OH squats more than you back squat? Or is it because he OH squats more that you can TOTAL?


That's awesome stuff.


Check out Olympic training forum on goheavy.com from time to time. The person who posted these pics (Dan H.) is a frequent poster there.


holy schnikies:

"Many Chinese lifters can overhead squat (from the bottom position) more than they can front squat."


Check out this dude.

What a tiny little monster.



Quoted for truth and bumped for relevance.


I posted this a lil while ago...shit like this makes me prefer o-lifting to powerlifting. Most of these guys also have a gymnast level of flexibility. It just seems so much more athletic.


Thanks for the link.

Amazing photos.

now THIS is a gym: