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Chinese Food

Just wondering Is it a good idea to have chinese food in a diet as long as I stay away from the greasy food. But not so much any chinese food but the chicken?

Pretty sure they cook in transfat ridden oils… But I’m sure every chinese joint is different.

If you eat the steamed vegtables yes. Sweet and Sour anything is made with Ketchup and alot of sugar. Any fried is done with Lard (re. Trans Fat). And just about anything that is tasty or some what sweet flavored is loaded with sugar. The Green Tea is good though.

Chinese food is my god-send and most favorite of foods…though I have it so rare because the truly great tasting entrees are the worst for you, ridden in fried dough, trans fat, and loads of oils.

Of course, if you stick to the steamed veggies and grilled chicken, that is fine. However, if your talking of such things as the General Tsos chicken, Sweet and Sour, etc. I implore you to stay away from them (if your looking to diet) because the American-ized version of these Chinese dishes have greatly contaminated them with fatty ingredients.

so pretty much try to stay away from it?

[quote]wrestler22 wrote:
so pretty much try to stay away from it?[/quote]

Unless you are Mr. Hardcore-macronutrient-Nazi I don’t see the occasional rare eating pleasure being extremely harmful to your health. Just don’t go to one of those amazing $6.99 all you can eat places with a huge appetite and expect to come out with a clean conscience.

Chinese food cooked in olive oil with whole wheat noodles and breading, theres a million dollar idea for a franchise

Try cooking it. Then you will understand how unhealthy it is even at its best.

There are 2 kinds of Chinese food. Real Chinese. The kind they eat in China, and the stuff in North America. Real Chinese is great and healthy if you don’t mind soy, little real protein and a lot off white rice carbs.

But the stuff you get here, is pure candy for supper. The veggies are cooked in sugar and corn starch. The meat is breaded, deep fried and then you put a sugar sauce on it.

There is no reason to stay away from it. Just use a little common sense when you order. Steamed vegetables are fine, so is Beef and Brocolli, or Bok Choy or Ma Pa Tofu or dishes like that. The rest of the stuff, Sweet and Sour whatever, Colonels Cho’s left nut etc. have that instead of pizza. You can also find a Chinese restaraunt and get to know the people there. Chinese restraunts have two menus. One for the “non” Chinese or Asian and one for the Chinese/Asian types. Most Chinese people won’t eat sweet and sour pork et. al. and their menu is always in Chinese. But with a little help (remember their mission is to sell you food) you can find some great stuff on the Chinese menu. Just don’t eat Chiinese spareribs everyday and expect to lose weight or look ripped.

Better Chinese restaurants have a healthy / low fat section on the menu.

One of my favorites…
Steamed chicken and mixed vegetables topped with a low fat spicy black bean sauce. Yum.

Ditch the sticky rice.


Chinese is expected to be westernized. So dont eat it. Unless its in the heart of china town. Otherwise viet, and thai is the way to go. They tend to make more realistic asian meals.

Ive been eating homemade thai food for the last 3 months since i bought my electric wok. Its the only way to eat.

Its a bit like Indian food or rather food from India and Bangladesh etc. Over here, one of the most popular take aways and resturants long with Chinese and regular Fish and Chip Shops is Indian. Yet when I was in Bangladesh and India they did not know what the fuck most of the dishes I described was. Talk about Westernisation.

Where I was it was boiled rice, some vegetables a little beef and various Indian breads. There was not a pint of vegetable oil and fried lard soaking the food like the takeouts. Much the same I imagine in China, the food is rather different to the version we get in the west.

I make my own stirfrys. That way You can control the ingredients. Just use fresh everything and you realy can’t miss. Barley makes a good substitute for rice sometimes.
Good rice is getting realy expensive though. Damned trendy eaters.

All this talk of chineese food makes me think of that scene in return of the dragon where Jim Kelly, (the black guy with the fro) says
“I’ll have the chineese spare ribs”
The waiter looks at his like he dosen’t know what he’s talking about. Then Jim Kelly goes with his hillarious voice
“Well let me show you man”
He then grabs the waiter’s arm and lifts it up then punches him in the ribs! Yeah you get it, chineese spare ribs ha ha ha. I never get tired of that movie.

                    tin can

Chinese food(other than italian) is my weakness!!!