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Chinese Epic Fail


A few days ago, China Central Television showed footage of what they claimed was an air force training exercise conducted on January 23. From the looks of things, they were actually just playing clips from Top Gun.

The clips in question were reportedly aired during the News Broadcast program on China Central Television, the major state television broadcast company. They supposedly showed a J-10 fighter firing a missile at another aircraft during a practice exercise.


China is goofy. They can build objects that look like a device that we have or use, but when you try to use it it turns out that it simply does not work as intended.

Kinda like those paper dragons that they use in their new year celebrations. Not a real dragon.


You'd think they'd pick a movie just a little less iconic than Top Gun.


Who needs an army when you hold America and many European countries' economies by the balls?


So what? You think the propaganda that passes as news in the US is any different?


They probably own the rights to the movie.


^or they soon will.


As sad as this is, it still made me laugh.


Why is is sad that unemployed capital would have owners that are not necessarily from the country where that capital originated?


Yes, because if we stop buying their shit they'll continue to thrive. Not buying their crap is what's fueling their insane construction expansion, improved wages, increase in living standards, and their acquisition of resources. Soon they won't even need us to buy their crap let alone provide them with all the food their huge population needs. You're totally right bro America depends on them and not the other way around.

The west just gets whatever country that is cheapest and most willing to do work for us to be our slaves. The US has moved from one section of the world to the next. Africa, the Carribean, China, Tawain, India, and it is currently moving to Thailand and Vietnam.

The Epic Chinese Failure here is that they have a population they can't feed, an economy dependent on foreign consumption, suburbs filled with skyscrapers that house no people, and a working class that is demanding higher wages/standards of living. The Chinese will soon be removing the whole reason the west did business with them in the first place.


My point was more that they own our (by which I mean the US and UK economies') debt.


So, as (I hope) the U.S. bounces back and flourishes, is China just gonna ride that and always be more powerful than us? Once they pass us (if they haven't already) will we ever become #1 again?


China is going to fall apart regardless of what the US does.


Either India or China will be number 1.

On the bright side, if you abolished the death penalty, had a atable currency and a deficit of no more than 3% you could join the EU?


So, if they collapse do we still have to pay them back or do they just own stock in the us per say?
I'm clueless if you haven't noticed.


China is dependent on us to pay for those loans off, just like the banks were dependent on those poor people to pay their loans off.


1) Chinese expansion will continue after Western Collapse. Your theory is totally flawed. Did the USA stop production after Europe destroyed itself in WW1 or WW2? The opposite was true. China's power started by an influx of foreign revenues to get the capital (tools and expertise) they need to build themselves up. But ironically, the state controlled economy is more effective and recession proof than the US one because they have direct command and control over their corporations and resources. Meaning, psychological bullshit like stock market crashes won't pop the market as it would in S.Korea or USA because they can simply mandate many thigns that we can't. China's goal for perhaps the last 10 years, has been developing an interrnal market in order to shield themselves from the outside world. This has been evident in everything they do and part of the reason, they've kept the yuan devalued (so their citizens, HAVE to buy domestically made products).
2) If you actually think outsourced production centers are going to move to Africa or the Carribean, you've gone made. It's not about cheapest workforce, it's about cheapest manageable and reasonably intelligent work force. Put the big 'racist' stamp on me if you read into that to much, but Haiti's trade relationship with the USA is nearly 300 years old...there is a reason why we didn't outsource there like we did to China. Use your head. If we'd go anywhere, it'd prolly be Central Asia, but then their land-loccked environment would make it much more difficult and expensive.


The money will be owed regardless of the state of their economy.


India? Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Vietnam, etc)?


Explain please?