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Chinese and sports

I just like to vent on a article that was written awhile ago about african american how they dominate in Sports such as sprinting B-ball, football, baseball. I just like say one name YAO MING!!!

You call Yao-Ming’s performance thus far dominating?

Dude is 7’6" playing in a sport where the goal is 10’ off the ground. He isn’t dominating, but he is playing better lately. Of course, we haven’t seen him against Shaq yet, so until then…

Yeah, he really dominated all 140 pounds of Shawn Bradley:) I can’t wait for his first encounter with Shaq…

an exception to the rule does not disprove a theory!

Aside from you and Kenny Smith, nobody is really all that impressed with Yao Ming. Sure, he is ok, but he has a LONG way to go before even being considered as a all-star, much less a dominating force in the league.

Yao Ming’s performance last night was impressive, but I could put up 20 and 10 against Shawn Bradley and the rest of the Mavs and their allergy to playing D. Well not really, but you get the point. And did his team win the game – nope. How about we wait until the end of the season before we put Yao Ming in the hall of fame.
How about the performance of the all the Europeans – shows that no matter how athletic you are, fundamentals like shooting and passing, are still more important than being able to dunk like a freak.

He’s had one outstanding game against a nonexistent defense. I must agree that that one performance showed quite a bit that we haven’t seen from him, but what exactly are you trying to get across? I hope it’s not that the Chinese are dominant in basketball (2 or so professional basketball players out of 1 billion people). And I hope it’s not that Yao Ming is a dominant player. To quote Phil Jackson on Shaq playing against Ming: “Shaq will break him in two.” But I do think he’ll be fun to watch.

Wow is this one going to get messy. First, one player does not equal domination. Certainly African Americans are heavily represented in American Sports. Not only that, but the best athletes are also African American. Just to offer a couple of examples, the best golfer in the world (Woods), the best sprinter in the world (Lewis), the best basketball player in the world (Pick one: Jordan, Shaq, Wilt etc), the best baseball player in the world (Bonds), womens tenis (Williams sisters) and you can make a case for football (Rice, Payton) as well. So, that leaves soccer, hockey, cricket and rugby. I think it is obvious that American sports are dominated by African Americans.

That’s ONE guy, genius.

I didn’t mean that YAO is dominating B-Ball with his awsome prefomance thus far. But with retrospect to the article that was written a while back that African Amercian dominate in certin sports due to gene pool should be looked at again. Because I don’t know if thats true. I don’t buy it I think all race are talented in all sports its just that African Americans are playing more of it.

Most African Americans when they are younger are told that they can only succeed in sports. And I think that just sends a wrong msg to the African American community and gives wrong info to all the other children that play sports. Also the same holds true in the Asain community most Asain parents would rather their kids to study, play musical instruments then their kids being a Jock. I think thats wrong also. We should think that all race can accomplish great things in all that we do not one race is more dominate then the other because of gene pool I think thats all BS. I do believe that if u work hard and do things that your suppose to you will acomplish that goal in life. Whether its to be the best b-ball player, soccer, hockey, football, etc. or even non- sport activity.

The Big Yao did indeed have like 30 points last night. And if you ever listen to Charles Barkley, he’s going to have to kiss Kenny Smith’s a@# now. Interesting.

One man is not domination. Besides, he is’nt even doing that well. Shouldn’t this be on the off topic section?

Yao did do a good job last night, but I believe there are only 3 Chinese players in the whole NBA.

In defense of Bradley, he is having a GREAT season, and IS the reason that Dallas has gone undefeated this year, and the knock against Dallas’ defense is completley the opposite of reality. Bradley lets Dallas’ guards stay tight on the perimeter to shut down opposing teams’ penetrators. Even if they do get around their defender, they have to deal with Bradley, who will alter their shot. Case in point was when Dallas held Paul Pierce, of all people to 9 points (his season low).

The problem Bradley had against Yao was that he got into foul trouble (5 fouls and a tech), and didn’t stay on the floor that much. It will be interesting to see the rematch.

But Dallas’ defense won’t work against the Lakers when Shaq gets back. Divacs is the only center that can handle Shaq and he’s not even that good at it (his flop acting skills only go so far).

I can’t wait to see Yao meet Shaq.

It’s a scientific fact that african americans on average have a higher amount of fast twitch muscles. Sure it sounds nice and warm and fuzzy to tell every kid that they can grow up to be whatever they want, but that is not the truth. Genetics play a huge roll in athletics. Train all you want, but there are some certainties in life that give some people a natural predisposition to excel in certain areas. Are there exceptions to the rule? Sure. But you can’t pawn off social conditioning as the sole reason for african american dominence of american sports.

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Now ture or false African American play more sports then any other race and thats why they have greater amount of fast twitch muscle fiber? What happens if the roles were reversed and other race started playing more and more sports? And they were told be a superstar in sports thats the only meal ticket out of this getto? (not being racist)

Its just that I hate people trying to sterotype African Americans are better in this sport.

Also Tiger Woods is not all black he’s have asain!

Everyone should do whatever is they want and be the best they can be.

If the reason why African American athletes are dominant in sports is because of their fast twitch makeup, please explain why Chinese and Europeans hold all of the weight lifting records.

Then explain to me why all the track speed records are held by Africans. Hmmmm…

I would like to hear a response from davidl feedback. I think he has a valid point. especially from Anderson.