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China's Dangerous Lies about Everything

Trump announcing an infrastructure bill to the tune of 2 trillion. You thought they could stuff pork into an emergency bill? Wait until they get their hands on this.

That’s not the extent of

I was referencing.

More along the lines of Mike Pence boot licking and him biting his lip whenever Trump opens his mouth.

You certainly don’t have a problem when Trump does. But you wanna nuke China or something when they do. When you support the most frequent liar in American history on everything it makes you hard to take seriously on other stuff. But I know you don’t think any of that matters. Everyone just out to get him or something.

China sucks and no one is gonna really fight on here about that. But you have a weird and well established standard for when honesty matters on this forum.


You said you don’t watch the news so how do you know this?

And dying.

That headline is 100% accurate you idiot.

Yep. Like usual.

So you are cool with lies from the people who claim to tell the truth? I mean complete fabrications, things made up out of thin air. Yet your still mad trump exaggerated the crowd size at his inauguration like that matters.
Okay, what did he lie about in March? Let’s start there…
What policies has he lied about in 2020?

I want sources.

Can you please be specific with where I said that? Or is where you hold other people to a standard different than the President yet again?

Fucking kidding me with this shit? You think that was the last time he lied? That’s what you come up with. Goddamn I hope your lifts are stronger than your arguments.

Why not wait until tomorrow and say what did he lie about in April?

You know full well you aren’t reading anything linked. You haven’t in the past and you won’t start now. You will either say not a big deal, dismiss the source, attack someone else instead, or something else. That’s what we know and expect man. You didn’t start posting yesterday and you have the exact same reaction whenever someone criticizes him on here. If coronavirus spread was as predictable as you it wouldn’t be much of a thing.

I’m almost crying laughing at ok let’s start in March. Do your own homework. But you won’t and we all know it. You always want sources, but you never read them. You won’t consider anything really. You’ll say exaggerate or some other shit like always. You hold a foreign government’s truth to a much higher standard than the leader of your own country and you always have…unless that leader is a Democrat. Then it’s guns blazing.

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Don’t all liars claim to tell the truth?

Me too. Not gonna say a whole lot without proof, but something exactly as described had me in the e. r. in the beginning of February and had me on my ass for the week prior and several following.

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I’m in the UK. In late Jan or early Feb my wife developed a cough that kept her up 4 nights in a row. No sore throat, no phlegm. Just a dry cough. That would not go away. And slight breathing difficulties. We called the non emergency medical help line as she was still able to walk / talk. They told her to take our sons asthma pump.
Since then every member of my family has had a 3 day fever and a slight cough at some point.

I can not say 100% it was covid. BUT I’m 99% sure it been over here since Christmas.

There is a British scientist who issued a paper saying this - on Friday last week. It counters the Imperial Collage Londons position that 20,000 will die. Instead gives a figure of 7,500.
I’m semi convinced this is correct. I’m certainly not sold on the original predictions. We’ve had 4 “good” days. Today’s numbers realised at midday will tell a lot.

You can access Donald Trump’s twitter feed without having a Twitter account, you know. Once you access it, scroll down, read all of his tweets from March and you’ll get all the proof you need.

But we all know you won’t.

Also, are you going to get offended by this clip of Trump’s actual statements downplaying the pandemic? I see that many US right wingers are upset at that PBS reporter for having the gall to ask Trump about, you know, what he said. Apparently, it’s a “liberal agenda” thing.

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NO! It is not going to be rough it is going to be catastrophic! Just look at the clamour for “bailouts.” If you run an economy on DEBT it catches up with you sooner or later.
To hide a catastrophe it is necessary to divert attention with a BIGGER catastrophe. How easy it is to manipulate people. Proven time and time again throughout history.
Fiat money is dead. GFC part 2 (part 1 2008). UBI, crypto, total control. Humanity is heading for a dystopian future.

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Trump’s got CNN in his pocket: https://www.cnn.com/2020/03/30/health/coronavirus-lower-death-rate/index.html

The CCP is arguably responsible for more deaths than any other organization in history. It is time to sever as many ties as possible.

Everyone loves to pile on pat and nitpick to score whatever points you’re keeping track of, but nobody has much to say about the substance of the argument.

It is also, in my opinion, HIGHLY pertinent to point out MSM and Democrats who are carrying water for the CCP right now. Some of these talking points are being lifted straight from CCP run media. At this point don’t think it hyperbole to start calling out propaganda for what it is, like the NYT or The Atlantic. It’s almost like they barely try to hide it anymore.

I’m not sure what sins the republicans need to atone for right now. Too much pork maybe? That’s bad, I agree. Trump could have done more sooner? So could almost all of us, including governors.

Meanwhile the democrats will, once again for the umpteenth time in their party’s history, have to reinvent themselves to stay viable. Nobody will give a shit about the majority of their policy platform after this disease. Their policy priorities can only matter when times are good. Nobody will care about trans rights, open borders, green new deal fantasies, abolish ICE , healthcare for illegal immigrants, or any of the intersectional woke nonsense that’s been so prominent.

They’ve come a long way from the party of slavery and the KKK, and it looks like they’ve still got a long way to go. Maybe a return to a policy platform out of the 80s or 90s will do them, and us, a little good. Don’t go back much further than that or you’ll get to their Jim Crow phase.

That’s true. It’s been almost a decade since they had a Klansman serving in the Senate.

Calm down my American brothers, all will be well once the Russian plane touches down with your humanitarian aid onboard.

First of all, did you actually read the article or just the headline?

Second, isn’t CNN fake news?

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