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China's Dangerous Lies about Everything

I am going to provide a lot of information for people to peruse to get a good gerneral understand of the depth and breadth of China’s lies and the precedence set forth. See, the handling of Covid-19 (Kung Flu) is just the latest of 3 epidemics\ pandemics release from China in the last 20 years. They also released SARS and lied about it and covered it up. And they also released the bird flu and lied about that also.
Further, I will provide evidence that they are still lying about the current virus and how the numbers are likely much, much higher. For instance, in one article I am going to post, there are reports from Wuhan of the cremation of 42,000 bodies in recent days according to ‘Radio Free Asia’, sourcing insiders from Wuhan with knowledge
So let’s get on with the articles:

This one of the most important articles. I have long found it difficult to believe that China’s reporting only imported cases of Kung Flu claiming that they have got it under control.
This article exposes these lies and that based on scientists and reports from the ground the problem is about ‘15 to 40’ times higher than China is reporting.
From the article: "The newspaper says scientists have told Johnson that China could have downplayed its number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus “by a factor of 15 to 40 times.” China had reported 81,439 cases at the time of writing.


This article was written fairly early on while we were still in denial. Trump says it’s not much worse than the flu. Bill DeBlasio and Andrew Cuomo are encouraging New Yorkers to get out and mingle and not to fear the virus. New Orleans had Mardi Gras on time. The media is posting articles to the effect of ‘Get a grip, this is not a big deal’. The partial reason this was being downplayed early on here, was based a great deal on Chinese lies about the problem. Basically saying that they have it under control and all will be well…It wasn’t.

This article confronts the death toll reported by China as being bunk. The description of crematoriums, running around the clock’ in just Wuhan pumping out estimates of 42,000.

From the article: " December 31: The Wuhan Municipal Health Commission declares, “The investigation so far has not found any obvious human-to-human transmission and no medical staff infection.” This is the opposite of the belief of the doctors working on patients in Wuhan, and two doctors were already suspected of contracting the virus."

So China is saying, on New Year’s that this virus cannot be spread via human-to-human contact?! Oh my.

And lastly:

These brave souls are contradicting the information reported by China as what they report does not represent what they are seeing on the ground. Things haven’t slowed down, at all. This is a very dangerous situation for all those involved, which at this point, is the entire world.

The point of this post is to illustrate a few important points. First, it is not in anyone’s best interest to believe anything China is saying right now. These lies have a serious impact on the world’s ability to accurately assess what is going on.
When things do start to somewhat improve worldwide, who is going to want to go to China? Supposing you’re an asshole that outsourced manufacturing to China and you need to go on the ground to assess the factory situation would you want to risk the trip? Knowing that China has lied, basically about everything how could you trust them when they say it’s safe? It would be better not to.
If you have family in China, do you feel safe to visit? Of course not.

According to the estimates provided by the British scientists advising PM Boris Johnson, the infection rate, being at the low end estimate, according to today’s numbers (3/31/20) China’s infection rate is closer to 1.2 million cases. That is if the real infection rate is only 15 times higher than reported.
China is lying. It’s past time we stop doing business with this adversarial nation, especially regarding our most critical basic supplies.

Further keep in mind that this is not the first time China has lied about diseases coming out of their country.

In the words of my favorite Hong Kong Resident:


Does anyone actually believe the numbers China has released?


The MSM seems to. But of course they believed that a couple took a heaping helping of fish tank cleaner because President Trump told them to. So, yeah, there you go.

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Thanks @Mod_Pheonix

Thought provoking post, @pat ,that is worth discussion.

Please, PLEASE try not to make it a “Left/Right- MSM/Fox” issue.


Therin lies a problem. Our models were initially based on their stats. Now we have 5? Countries with numbers in excess of China and a fraction of the population.

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I’m of the opinion that CV was in the US in December/January and we didn’t know what it was at the time. I think the number of people who are/were infected is exponentially higher and the attributable deaths is higher (not exponentially - aside from China that is) than reported. I’m open to being wrong too.

I have colleagues who travelled to Greece/Italy in early December and were incredibly sick through December-January and it turned into pneumonia. There were no tests and aside from Kung Flu jokes, nobody really paid too much attention to determining what the specific cause was.

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It’s incredibly frustrating that this whole thing has been a partisan shit-show. Both sides can’t be excused. Obviously, I think one side is more egregious, but :roll_eyes:


I got a wicked dry cough in Feb that knocked me flat on my ass. I’m nearly certain this has been here for months already.

We did have a particularly bad flu season, I wonder if some of the deaths were simply misdiagnosed?

Only time will tell, I suppose.

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IMO, I would guarantee this. They keep stating that the common cold/flu has taken out 50,000 people, which is more than normal. They use this stat to compare against the total deaths from COVID. I usually rebut, by saying that half of those are probably misdiagnosed COVID.

On a more joking side, I have an employee that has Lyme disease, he was knocked out with a respiratory issue in early February. We all joked that he has the Corona and Lyme… now, we actually think he did.

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Only way to know for sure is the antibody test, I suppose. It would certainly alleviate some of the panic if it turns out we’ve all panicked for nothing.

Fingers crossed anyway.

Aside from the obviously dreadful impact on human lives the virus is having, it’s gonna be rough once we assess the meteoric damage this has done to the economy.

Pray for a V shaped recovery, lads. It’s FUBAR otherwise.

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This panic will be milked for all its worth. People are eating it up.

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Alas, I fear you are right.

Sorry, but when the MSM puts headlines like this:

And it turns out they drank 5 GRAMS of fish tank cleaner, but the MSM pushes this flat phoney lie, they need to be called out. It’s not Fox vs. MSM. It’s MSM flat lying, strait up. And they need to be exposed for such grievous lies.

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I guess it can’t be avoided then.

That’s regrettable.

It’s not “Both sides”. It’s the democrats who held up the stimulus to put diversity quotas in corporate boards, $35 million for the Kenedy Center, carbon offsets for airlines that are more or less grounded. The democrats did that and delayed the vote by a week to get their pet projects in what is supposed to be a strait forward stimulus. This is just a fact. Both sides did not do this.

I have some sympathy for Pat’s position here. The media clipped a Trump quote regarding point of purchase by state authorities to purvey the opposite meaning of the statement.

That said, I genuinely couldn’t give a shit what the scribblers have to say. I’m amenable to the idea that they are lying, as it’s a day ending in Y.


The republicans secured corporate welfare for themselves. Are you that dense that you’d think both sides wouldn’t secure things for themselves? This is why you were asked if you could have a discussion, not just a rant that makes you look like more of a lunatic than any liberal I’ve ever met.

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Should we just allow blatant lies to be put forth? Couple, who does not have coronavirus ingests 5 grams of fish tank cleaner, because the name sounded similar to coloquin the drug for one of it’s ingredients and then say they did it on the advice of President Trump. Then the media rides with the story conveniently leaving out the actual facts and we aren’t supposed to call that out? Really? Is it ok with you to be lied to, to such an incredible degree?
How many people actually believed that non-sense? It is not ok to blatantly lie and call it news.