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China vs. Hong Kong

Also about to get weird. The new security law is a naked grab for increased control and suppression. BoJo playing a gambit:

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Win-win for the UK, I say. Either we get China to lay off, or we drain their most valuable city of all its best and brightest as they flee Hong Kong.

Plop them all on the Isle of White, make it a tax free zone for a decade or two, and watch what happens.

China can have the rock the city is built on, but its not clear they can have the city.

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Why wasn’t this done 23 years ago?


Cowardice on the part of consecutive governments. I can’t be sure, but I suspect pressure from Washington to keep Beijing on side played a role too.

Now that Washington is either absent, or on the war footing against Beijing, perhaps that’s freed the government up to do the right thing for a change.

Also, it probably behooved both parties to not push for this for electoral reasons. The Tories couldn’t be seen to be opening the borders and the last thing Labour wanted was several million entrepreneurs who are fleeing communism to London.

One hopes that the next administration on this side of the pond will be both present and on the war footing. Either way, I think this is a brilliant idea although not without risk.

Also, any amount of entrepreneurial HKers, small or large, will rapidly improve wherever they land.



Churlish cucks gotta get their Chinabux.

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