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China Tested Two Hypersonic Orbital Nukes

And yesterday

Its a couple of years old, but the message remains the same. China is Asshoe! (Gangam Mix) Parody - YouTube

Why is it such a big deal if China tests a missile if the US already had them?

There’s no reason why the US (or any country, including China) should be the most powerful in perpetuity

Not saying we’ll go there, but in the 60s it’s kind of understandable that Khrushchev wanted missiles in Cuba considering that the US already had Jupiter missiles in Turkey within a similar proximity to the USSR

Ideally, neither of them should be wasting money on missiles but if the US has them, every country has a right to them (whether they have the tech, money and will to do so is another question)


Do people think this makes the usa more vulnerable to nuclear attack from China? Cause it doesn’t. The attack calculus remains the same.


All this flexing has been going on even before you were born anyway. They just have more high tech shit to show off. Which country is stupid enough to reveal their actual war strategy if they’re really planning to go to war other than probably Malaysia?


They also need something to distract their own people from all the economic shit due to COVID and natural disasters going on. The China audience loves war movies. Look at the highest grossing movies that weren’t comedies. Wolf Warrior 2 (awesome), Operation Red Sea (FUCKING AWESOME), The Eight Hundred (pretty good).

So much propaganda and high tech shit on display even in partially State funded entertainment but damn were they fucking good movies.

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I agree

Just posing a question to the OP, who seems to have a rather skewed view of China

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You realllllly don’t see a difference ? Realllllly ?

I really don’t. The US is not some pinnacle of civilization all other countries must listen to. Just because something is bad for the US doesn’t mean other countries don’t have the right to do it
If China has the capability to build such weapons, even if it’s stupid, it should be able to build such weapons. Same for Germany, the UK, Nigeria, Japan or any other country.

It’s equally stupid for all of them.

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Then you believe the taliban, Iran, North Korea, should also have nuclear missiles???

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No. My point is that no one should.
The US doesn’t deserve some special privilege


Whoa. As the only country to use nuclear weapons in war and against civilians, I think the U.S. is well equipped to decide such matters.


Is that just because the United States has used them?

I remember just the other week I saw a news story I think in Usatoday in which the past Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff had his subordinates set up to notify him of a possible nuclear launch by former President Trump so that it could be slow walked until such time as reason could be sunk into the Twitter in Chief.

Wishing for a utopian society only leads to evil overcoming good

If the USA does not have them…someone will

Hitler almost had the atomic bomb, if it wasn’t for Einstein defecting from Germany they would have won that war…we had to have it first to bring an end to the war

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Im not asking for a utopia. THe tech already exists and the US (now China apparently) has it.
I’m saying that the US does not have an exclusive right to the tech. It’s understandable for the US/Americans to be scared or worried that their geopolitical rival has new weaponry, but the article seems to imply a moral outrage of sorts( ie China is evil and thus does not deserve to have the weapons). This I disagree with.

Also try to look at it from China’s perspective.

No. It was Operation Paperclip, which brought Oppenheimer et al to the US to run the Manhattan project.
Einstein himself had very little involvement in the project. They used Einstein’s work as the basis. From what I understand, Einstein was quite pissed at how the US was applying his theories

Hitler was also dismissed nuclear physics as a “jewish science”.

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They burned books by jewish intellectuals and banned jewish professors from teaching.

No. Oppenheimer was already in the US. Operation Paperclip occurred after the war was over.


Einstein wrote a letter to Roosevelt in 1939, encouraging the USA to build the atomic bomb before Germany did

You are correct about Oppenheimer using Einsteins theories during the Operation Paperclip…thanks

from what I understand both Einstein and Oppenheimer regret that creation…but if it did not happen we may be speaking German or Japanese

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You don’t think China wants to show our weak president that they are also a superpower and want to be more powerful than the USA

Ahh, I stand corrected

They probably do, but what is wrong with that.

Wanting to one up a rival is perfectly rational behaviour

No. I think China wants to show the Chinese that.