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China IP vs British Dragon

Basicaly i want to buy some anavar tabs.

China IP has some 15mg ones but i’ve heard all kinds of crap about them

british dragon has some 10mg ones.

what sould i take if any? thanx

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As far as consistency BD hands down over IP, but just like BBB said they are so good that people are making a ton of fakes! I never thought that an UG lab like BD would ever get faked.

There is a BD website that will describe what their products look like and they will verify if your source is legit. Just do a little search and you’ll find them.

All in all go with BD, if in doubt.

no its all good, the BD are real checked it through their site

thanx alot, ill pay a bit more and go with them. Actually its a bit more

100x10mg var is 180 us and the others are 100x15mg at 190. But the hell with it