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China, Huawei, and the World Order


It seems now half of the reason for this whole thing happening is just to bolster the American trade position. Trump wants fuck you leverage, and we Canadians just have to toady along. I grant the 5G implications could be serious, but this story just pisses me off.


Trump has hated China since 1978. Go watch his interviews from back then. He’ll pull any lever he can.


Well… he’s not wrong… (Broken clock and all)

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Dunno where to plant this. Articles like this are music to my eyes. Fuckin gitem FTC

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To be fair, acute liver failure will result in weight loss eventually. When you die.


That’s fantastic! At this point it might be like pissing on a brush fire, but at least there’s some justice.

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I suppose I have to admit I took my own thread too lightly, and this is what I get.


Sacked for heroism by the worst government since we lost the colonies. Good job, Tories.


Racial animus is not at the heart of this issue. It’s China’s emergence as a great power rival and its nasty streak of autocratic behavior at home and abroad.

Huawei (along with every other Chinese tech firm) is essentially an extension of the Ministry of State Security (roughly the equivalent of the US’ FBI and CIA sans legal restrictions) and the People’s “Liberation” Army. It makes sense that the West would be wary of Huawei and seek to limit its activities outside of China.


Couldn’t agree more on the first part. I take issue with the second. The United States and her allies have deep expertise when it comes China. The issues we face are more on self inflicted wounds on policy side. As abysmal as Trump’s foreign policy has been, perhaps his biggest strategic failure is the decision to not follow through on American leadership on the Transpacific-Partnership (TPP).

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So we have some Canadians arrested in China for espionage and drug trafficking. the Chinese don’t seem to have to have sympathy with us, and they are reducing imports.

this is old news, but when our government tries to talk about it, they don’t seem to need to give a damn.


Couldn’t agree more that many are self inflicted and we really should have finished the TPP.

My comment was more aimed at the “long term” view of Chinese policy and nationalism games, as well as her people (a thread I have noticed in common with the Japanese) where the USA and much of her people have extremely short term perspectives. Basically you’re talking about countries with extremely long cultural and religious memories, which are contiguous rather than tumultuous as is the case with Western Europe through the last 1500 years. In a rather crude example, if a Chinese (or Japanese) immigrant couple comes to the USA they are already thinking of how they are going to work and save to achieve the life they want to build for their grandchildren…a US person is thinking about how soon they can buy that 105" TV they saw with little regard for their retirement.

Also that the Chinese brand of nationalism/opportunism and their general philosophical outlooks are completely foreign to the culture here.

In short I was referring to the “man on the street” understanding rather than digging at the intelligence community. While I have some reservations, I have no doubt that there are armies of analysts and that we have spent large sums of time and money to develop analytical power on Chinese ambitions.

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Speaking of the TTP, isn’t it true there’s now 2. One with our Pacific allies and one with China and her allies. I believe our country has been cut out of both of these agreements. Is this true?