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China, Huawei, and the World Order


It seems now half of the reason for this whole thing happening is just to bolster the American trade position. Trump wants fuck you leverage, and we Canadians just have to toady along. I grant the 5G implications could be serious, but this story just pisses me off.


Trump has hated China since 1978. Go watch his interviews from back then. He’ll pull any lever he can.


Well… he’s not wrong… (Broken clock and all)


Dunno where to plant this. Articles like this are music to my eyes. Fuckin gitem FTC


To be fair, acute liver failure will result in weight loss eventually. When you die.


That’s fantastic! At this point it might be like pissing on a brush fire, but at least there’s some justice.


I suppose I have to admit I took my own thread too lightly, and this is what I get.