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China, Anyone?

So me and my girl will go to China come july. Tickets are booked and paid for, our travel route is laid out. Now why would I bother and post that to the combat forum? Simply - being a martial artist and all, I’m pretty interested in taking a martial arts class or two while I’m over there. I don’t get a chance to visit one of the worlds most significant places when it comes to MA every day.

Now I spent a while searching the web for martial arts schools along our way, but naturally, a website can only tell you so much. Hence, my question is if anyone of you is/was in China and can recommend good schools that will teach a foreigner even ultra-short term (we won’t be visiting any city longer than 5 days).

Obviously, since we’re talking China, I’m mostly interested in Sanshou/Sanda (I’m a competitive kickboxer over here in Austra) and Wing Tsun (in my style, “Shinergy”, we use some WT concepts, so it’d be a good idea to improve my knowledge in that area by actually training with WT masters).

Needless to say, I’m pretty much open for other styles as well, but since I can train in Muay Thai, BJJ, MMA or whatever else right here, I’d strongly prefer Chineses MA’s.

Our route goes something like this:
Arrival in Beijing, stay there ~5 days
Go to Xi’An, visit the sights, just one day
Head for Luoyang, see the Shaolin Temple, stick around for ~5 days
Over to Shanghai, stay for 3 days
Take a short break in Nanchang, just a day or two
Take the train to Guilin, travel the area for 5 days
Go to Foshan, stay for 1 day
At night, take the ferry to Hong Kong, spend the last 5 days there

Since the trip is pretty expensive already, I’m a bit tight on budget, so taking classes with super-expensive grandmasters probably ain’t an option. Also, I doubt my travel insurance is going to cover anything I might sustain in a fight-club like underground brawl, so that’s another thing to consider.

Now if anyone of you guys has experiences in China or knows a good school/gym in or around one of the cities listed above, I’d appreciate any suggestions.

I’m in China…I fight in MMA comps in China and Asia in general. I have contacts in almost every city on your agenda.