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A recent chin-up contest with a team-mate made me curious as to how many chins some of the heavier posters here on t-mag could hit. I got 20 (palms facing me) with good form before I could’nt do anymore. I was pretty happy, I more then doubled our 165 pounder who could only get about 8. I was pretty pleased because I weighed in at about 230 that afternoon before pratice. Also, chins are probably my one lift that I can post without being embarassed by strong mofos here!

Zeb? You’re up!

I can do about 20 on the first set but usually only do 3-4 sets of 12.

I can do 10 with a midget on each leg.

ive never tried to max out on chins. i usually do about 4 sets of 10 reps with dips in between.

Someone mention chins? Okay, as long as someone else brought it up…

I nailed 31 straight dead hang chins in a contest at the end of last summer. I just did 34 last week. I am aiming for 40 straight dead hang chins for a contest this coming summer.

I will spare everyone my training routine…unless you really want to hear it…

Nice work, Zeb. Chins are da devil

I’m game.

I am 6’6" and 285 right now on the Mag-10 and I can do three sets of 8. That makes me pretty happy, most people I know who are my weight can’t even do 1 rep, come to think of it most people I know that are my weight are fat and don’t exercise.

I’m not tryin’ to brag, (well maybe a little) But yesterday I was crankin out doubles with 55lbs hanging between my legs. I still got nothing on ZEB.


Impressive bro.

zeb, whats your routine? and how many can you do pronated?

Hey Zeb, i am really interested in hearing your routine cause chins and pulls are one of my(many) weaknesses.

So Zeb what is your secret for getting out so many chins??? I’m all ears

You gave me a tip not so long ago about not doing chins with a wide grip so you do not pressurise the shoulders.

Top tip!!!

since then the lat pulldown no longer exists!!!. Its chins all the way with pronated, suppinated, Triangle grip chins and anything else i can think of.

I curled 3x10 in one squat rack, drop sets in the 2nd of only 2 squat racks at my gym.

I did 5 at 215 + 50 lb. I doubt I can do that now though. It’s something to work back to for sure.

I can do 8 for a couple sets with 70 lbs on the waist.

20 huh? I am not imprees I have a female rock wall/climber enthusiest as a client she can bang out 20 chins in a heart beat now if you said that you can do 20 pull-ups I’ll be impressed.

Aren’t we all talking about pull ups? Palms away style? I was.

I reckon I could do 20-25 dead hang chins on a good day. However I weigh like a buck-fifty not 230.