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chin ups

I’m doing chin ups as part of my routine. Are they good for the bi’s?

You didn’t really have to ask this question did you? Yes they are.

Also a tremendous pump for the calves.

I think basic curls work the bicep better, but if you need something to shock the muscles, I say hit chin ups.

They’re just as good for the bi’s as they are for the hetero’s.

(sorry, couldn’t resist it, I just feel like a smart-@ss this morning)

A little advice READ READ READ!!! Before you put a dumb stupid question like this on this forum. A lot of people are extremely intellegent when it comes to training and nurition. Don’t insult our intellegence w/question like the these. We also have other jobs and lives so… In the future look it up if you don’t know the answer… Just don’t put another dumb question like this out there and are chin-ups good for bicep to answer your question duh yes they are…

If you are the pot, I suppose Edward is the kettle?

I not trying to stir anything. Just making a point… I guess you are though… I don’t want to see the kid’s Ass get chewed thats all… and never come back to this forum. This place has a lot of information for people would hate to see someone get discurage because he placed a dumb question… Who are you that your not man enough to show your face…

Fitone: Here, let me set an example for you as to what would have been a proper response (complete with proper grammar and punctuation).

Edward: first of all, this particular question would have been best on the Training/Nutrition board. You need to post it there, the Mods of the forum no longer do that for you (post in the proper board).

Secondly, you can certainly perform a search on T-Mag, using "bicep training" as your search word. Even use "chip ups" or "pull ups" as a search word. Go crazy. Knock yourself out.

Do some research first - this is rather a simple question. Maybe you didn't realize it. I don't know. However, do some research on your question, I'm certain you'll find your answer that way. I wish you luck.

Well said Patricia, well said.

Thanks, I never thought my, grammar and punctuation, and sentence structure was that bad. I’ll try my best in the future. I would like to think that I am getting better at it though as I post more. Thanks again. I hope I didn’t offend anyone… That was not the intent.

Grammar and punctuation are great but what about spelling. lol chip ups?

THere have been many questions and comments that you have made that have made me bang my head on my desk.

Yeah, I caught that one, too (after it had posted). Oh well. I think I was due one typo - right? :slight_smile:

well, ok but just this once.lol
ps. i’m the king of typos

Do I have to start up the failed JADABB project again?

Word up Goldberg! “Duh, where is the Ice Dog forum?” Sorry, I’m a jerk.

Biceps? no, not at all. Biceps femoris are absolutely uninvolved in chins. I also like the good for Bi’s, homo’s, hetero’s comment. priceless.

Your posts are actually getting worse and worse as time goes on. It’s funny as hell that you’re attacking somebody for being a dumbass.