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Chin-Ups & WS4SB


Hey guys. I've been doing WS4SB for a week now and it feels very well for now, but I have some problems. You see, I really suck at chin-ups/pull-ups and need to improve them. I can do 2 chin-ups right now whereas I can do 11 dips. This is a huge imbalance. I can't do chin ups for my supplement lifts because there's no way I'll even finish 3 sets let alone do the prescribed amount and also don't want to do it as the main lift of the repetition upper body since my main focus is to improve my Bench Press. I'm thinking about training for chin-ups alone once a week, but with all the lat work it might overtrain me. What do you think of this?


Start out on an assisted dip/chin-up machine. When I started lifting heavy last year, I couldn't do any chin-ups, or dips. I stopped doing chin-ups for some reason, but kept with the dips.

I started out on the assisted machine. I did 4x12 on a weight that I struggled to get all 12 in. Each week, I would decrease the weight on the dip machine by 5 lbs until I got to be able to natural dips. Over the course of about 8 months, I went from not being able to do any dips, to being able to do 12 dips with a 45 lb plate strapped to my waist. So hopefully I'll be able to do the same thing with my chin-ups. Hope this helps.



I'd do a single chin up between every set of every movement you do in the gym. You can start on training day 1 and just do like 5 total, then add 1 or 2 per workout. Keep this up until the singles are no problem, then do doubles between every set until that is not bad. When you can do 3 pull ups between every set in the gym, I bet you will be good for a set of 10.




Using band assistance is another option. It doesn't work out so well for me though, because the bands are helping me the most where I'm strongest. But if the hang is your weak point and do find on the later portion of the movement like most people, I'm sure they'll work great.


Read this and maybe implement one of the programs in your training



Yesterday, did chins between sets. After the 4th set, couldn't do one, haha. It probably would improve though, I guess.