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Chin-ups with a Dipping Belt vs Chin-ups While Fat

I have noticed that chin-ups with a belt seemed easier than weighing the same amount being fatter. Is it to do with the weight distribution being closer to the centre line ?


Could be age as well I guess nearly ten years ago with a dip belt is what I meant

In general, life is harder when you are fatter.


Sometimes a ‘like’ is not enough. You often come out with some really good statements!


Not sure if a serious question or not, but yeah. It hangs in line with your center of gravity. Take away lesson: have heavier balls not a heavier gut

I think it has more to do with muscle vs fat. Fat is just dead weight to carry around, while muscle is what does the work. Comparing fat you ten years after doing pull-ups with a belt (assuming added weight), if you are saying you are fatter now than 10 years ago you’ve probably lost muscle as you’ve gained fat (not to mention strength levels depending on your training -or lack of - over those ten years).

This seems to make the most sense.

A 100kg guy with 70kg of LBM and 30% BF is going to struggle with chins compared to a 90kg guy with 10% BF even if the latter has a 10kg plate hanging off his belt.