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Chin-ups ROM Question


-i've read the "add reps to your pullups article" and searched around prior to this.

-i suck at chins and pullups, get 3-5 per set before i'm done. I've been knocking sets of 2-4 between other upper body exercises so i total 25 or so full chinups in a given workout, then add 1 more each week. I've read about getting your chest to the bar etc, i don't have the strength at the top of the rep to do so, i get my chin over and my adams apple is just over the bar, can't lean back or retract shoulder blades, or push chest upwards to the bar.

Q- should i continue just doing chinups this way and hoe i'll get stronger in the top 1/4 of the ROM (even though i can't get there now)
-should i attach a band over the chinup bar and use that to assist me up right to the top- itll also add more reps, but make them easier.

NB:i train at home, so i don't have any lat pulldown or other gym equipment. Bench, power back (with chinup straight bar), dipping handles, numerous bands, weights.

all help appreciated


you said you read the article about how to add more reps to your pull ups... why not try doing what the article suggested?


Because it says if you can do under 6 reps, don't try it. Int he 2nd article it explains why (burning out cns, etc)


There is no reason your adams apple needs to be over the bar at the top of a chinup... Why do you think this is necessary?

Most people, myself included, strive to pull up until the chin is level with (or slightly above) the bar, then lower into a full stretch. I personally continue the set even when I can't get my chin to the bar anymore, because I feel that overloading my lats in the stretched position is the most important part of the exercise anyway.

If you want to get better at chins, my honest recommendation is to (a) not do them stupidly, I see guys like that all the time (trying to go high enough to get their dicks over the bar or something, FOR SOME REASON), and (b) do a few sets of chins at the beginning of every workout.



For (a), from reading things here, people tend to say to get your chest to touch the bar, so i just assumed that was the full ROM for them. I remember a quote saying "they should be called chest ups, not chin ups". As for (b), i don't do them at the beginning of every workout, i'll hit them twice a week for 20-25 reps per day, i cant do 3x8-10 like others can, so i just switch the numbers round so its 8-10x3(or so)


I know you don't do them at the beginning of every workout. That's why I said START doing so.


Ahh. I had misread what you wrote and thought you said hitting them every workout was bad. (ie: not do them stupidly, like doing a few sets each workout). My bad there, should have read it more carefully. I'll add in a couple of sets on my other training days and hopefully it'll help increase my numbers :slight_smile:


Harry Selkow's pullup protocol would suit you:



do you go to dead hang? if so, try doing them stopping short instead and see if you can get all the way up then. Though if your chin is getting over you may not necessarily need to go higher. But I would still consider doing them for at least some of the sets so you can get more reps at once


I remember the "call them chest ups..." quote, too. I don't remember which article it was from, but if I read something in an article on here, I'd be inclined to do as the article says and not what forum members say. Keep trying to take your chest to the bar until one of the regular article contributors says not to.


Yes that is great advice. Always listen to the people who have something to gain from what they tell you, rather than those who have nothing to gain and give advice simply out of experience and generosity.

Are you a big fan of infomercials too?


I'm gonna stick to wwhat i've been doing (knocking out a few reps per set, for many sets over a workout, 2-3 times a week). I was doing it twice but started a third day (with far lower volume) after advised from above. Its worked wel so far, i tried to max out today and hit 8 reps! Gonna stick to this until i stall....then repeat with a little added weight, and just carry on from there :slight_smile:

Appreciate all the help provided guys!


If it's a Dave Tate informercial, then yes I'm a fan. When the author of an article is Tate, Wendler, Thib, etc., guys that most likely know far more than most of us including you, then it'd be wise to just do as they say.