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Chin ups/pull ups/dipping belts (Houston)

One Question!!!

I live in the Houston/Sugar Land TX area, and I am wondering if there are any nice stores I can go to look for quality belts I can add weight to and do chins/pull ups/dips. Also, there are any websites I can order belts from, it would be appreciated!

Try Ironmind.com. They have really good stuff and I know they have a dipping/chinning belt.

In town you can go to Fitness Unlimited.
10916 Westheimer @ Wilcrest

20049 Katy Freeway @ Fry Road-South

17776 Tomball Parkway

5911 Westheimer @ Fountainview

20031 Interstate 45 South @ NASA Road 1

They usually are around 30 bucks.

Alright, I will go and check out these places. Thank you very much.

De Nada Amigo!

Us Houstonians gotta stick together!

haha, absolutely!~