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Chin-ups Once a Week?


I only do chin ups once a week. I was wondering what should my rep scheme be to see the best success with them?


If you can already do 10 or more reps of them, I'd say make use of all rep ranges + some different grip variations. If you aren't even close to being able to do 10 or more go for sets of 2-5 <


Depends on your current training goal and your training program as a whole.

If your primary goal is size or total body strength, treat them just like any other lift.

If your primary goal is to do more chin-ups, doing them once a week probably isn't the best plan.



Im thinking about doing this program and re test my max every month then re adjust the sets and reps. Would that work>


That's a pretty popular plan, so you should be good to go, as long as you currently fall under the suggested strength bracket (currently getting at least 5 good reps).


I can JW how should you progress doing that plan, it was a little unclear to me. say you end up w/ 4 sets of 5 under his formula. Do you re test yourself in a month and then readjust your numbers.


If I'm reading it right, you'd train them with 4x5, and add one rep per set every workout or two. So, say you're lifting four days a week, the chin-ups would be worked something like:

Week 1, workout 1 4x5
Week 1, workout 2 4x5
Week 1, workout 3 4x6
Week 1, workout 4 4x6

Week 2, workout 1 4x7
Week 2, workout 2 4x7
Week 2, workout 3 4x8
Week 2, workout 4 4x9

Week 3, workout 1 4x10
Week 3, workout 2 4x11
Week 3, workout 3 4x12
Week 3, workout 4 4x13
Retest one set max reps or continue

Week 4, workout 1 4x14
Week 4, workout 2 4x15
Week 4, workout 3 4x16
Week 4, workout 4 4x17
Retest one set max reps

Of course, that's idealized. You'd adjust on the fly, as per the article recommendations, when needed (like when form breaks down mid-workout). From there, just do what the program says, "Once you hit 15 reps, stay tuned for the third article to accelerate your progress using weight. Or you can continue with the simple body weight progression into the 20-rep count."