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Chin-Ups on ABBH


I’m starting the anti bodybuilding hypertrophy program from Chad Waterbury, however, day 3 calls for 5 sets of 10 dips and chin ups.

Dips are no problem, however I wouldn’t be able to do 5x10 chin ups. Any suggestions what I can replace them with?

I could do 5x10 supine row, or I could change the rep scheme to 10x5 which I could manage standard chin ups.

Any opinions welcome.


Do the chins assisted with a resistance band or machine.


I don’t have a machine (just a rack at home).

I thought about bands I just hate the idea of them, I’d naturally just alter the rep range and make up the difference with sets of ‘proper’ chins.


Both of those options would go against the way the program is laid out because the program calls for a vertical pulling movement done a bit lighter (about 60% 1RM) for sets of 10. Horizontal rowing is done on a different day and 10x5 is done on a different day.

I’d either do barbell or dumbbell pullovers or “cheated” chins using your legs for assistance. If you go that route, just be honest with yourself and only help enough to get through the 10 reps.


Get a total of 50 chins any which way you can.


I think I’ll try exercise bands and see how it goes, thanks.


Thanks Chris, yeah horizontal row was today and I don’t want to go against the program, so I think I’ll give band assisted a try and see how it goes/feels.


Do what needs to be done.


Just do band lat pulldowns. Get some good quallity ones like elitefts or freetoo and can have pretty brutal workout especially with slow negs/paused strech at top etc


Rack chins, DC style.