Chin-Ups & Low Reps

There seem to be two schools of thoughts on this:

1: Train with high reps since this more specific to the task. You need to train those slow twitch fibers and improve your lactate threshold.

2: Train with low reps so BW pull-ups become a lower % 1RM and thus feel a lot lighter.

Now, I’ve been thinking that the second method seems to make more sense (I’d add in a few weeks of specialization at high reps for the reasons listed in #1).

Say we take the benchpress. Max rounds with 170lbs (or whatever your bodyweight is). Are you going to get this by repping out with 170lbs or are you better off get a huge benchpress first? I think with this example it makes sense to go for a big 1RM. So why is this not also advocated for pull-ups?

Just throwing it out there.