Chin Ups for Big Guys

I cannot quite manage a neutral grip pull up . I’m close though . I can only hold my weight for about 30s.
I am 125 kg or around 273 lb.
Can you heavy guys still chin up? I noticed the gym had cool additional climbing holds for finger strength too.

Standard supinated chins-up are easier in my experience because there’s more bicep involved. Maybe start with them and then progress to a neutral grip if it’s important to you. It will probably still be too difficult but you can use a resistance band to aid you for a while, progress with it and then go back to trying without it.

If you’ve never done them before AND you’re losing weight, you’ll be able to add reps every week with no problem.

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Some of my favorite footage on this

I remember the drama that video started when it was originally posted here.

Some other classics


Oh I could do 30 not strict at 13:stone 10 196lb
I am not new to the movement. But I have not done them in a few years . I could about 5 at 260 ish but that was 5: years ago .
Would love to lose weight and get more reps and eventually get a one arm chin up. I could do a few reps on tree branch . It provides nice assistance at 28 and 200lb.

I quite like idea of the band. Personally I find neutral grip easier. My biceps are not strong .

Thanks for the videos. Is that U some nice pull-ups there.
RIPJesse Marunde . Some famous faces there.
Nice motivational stuff.

I am not Matt Kroczaleski, Jesse Marunde, Konstantīns Konstantinovs, Jon Andersen or Derek Poundstone, but I appreciate that sentiment


I am actually stronger in the neutral grip too. I am 6’3 and 290 lbs currently. Typically I use the assist machine for pull-ups to alleviate some of the weight.

Poundstone is just too much of a monster.

Lee Boyce had a good article on this last year.


Sorry thought U were first guy has similar haircut.

Imagine getting mistaken for Kroc and no-one bats an eyelid.


I weigh 285lbs and I can do 3 to 5 back day

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Between that and the recent trend of people thinking I’m Derek Poundstone, it’s been a good couple of months for me.


Cue images of a Russian nesting doll.

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