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Chin-ups Enough for My Back?


Hi guys, firstly i know your gonna say of course not but i recently had a nasty fall in the snow and it appears ive twisted my back slightly and aggravated my sciatica....it feels horrible.

Anyway, i regularly work my back out with a mixture of b.o. rows, pendaley rows, weighted chinups and shrugs. Now that's practically impossible as i cant keep my back in those kind of positions for the rowing and i don't have access to a bench i can row on.

I've had to drop all vertical pulls, pushing ie deads, squats, dumbell/military press etc but can still flat bench, do arm work etc but wanna keep my back working, so are chins/pullups really gonna be good enough for the next 6-8weeks?

Im pretty gutted as i started back into training early september at 11st 7lb and am now at 14st but my trainings gonna be pretty limited now :stuck_out_tongue:

Here's a back shot at 13st 4lb


Er... go to a doctor or a physiotherapist and see what kind of injury it is so you can go about healing it. When did you injure it?


Yeah, I wouldn't try to train through a back injury that causes significant impedence to normal exercise. If it hurts to do almost every thing you previously did for your back you should really consider getting it checked out.


I've been to the doctor and he gave me some pain killers but was pretty useless. The pain is more down the left of my spine but i can feel it in my abdomen and hip on that side too and it happened last thursday. Im just gonna seek further advice from another doctor(the smart idea) and just ease off the training, maybe just abit of cardio on the stationary bike as i havent done any for a year :stuck_out_tongue:


If you have access to an airdyne type bike (allows you to use hands and feet to pedal) they can feel great on injured backs, just pay attention to how you feel. Did your initial doctor give you a diagnosis? You may have better luck seeing someone who specializes in athletic injuries.


go and see a specialist in athletic injuries, not a regular doc


Thanks for the advice guys. Im gonna try and see a specialist, doctors this days are shockingly bad, just don't know how long im goin to be waiting to get in.

I've just start doing a bit of HIIT on a normal stationary bike, my back feels alot looser afterwards but still generally fucked, to say im gutted is an understatement :frowning:


chiropractor visit maybe?


Make sure that you are trying all of the basic therapeutic home treatments as well, NSAID, hot/cold therapy etc. If the bike seems to make things feel well for a short time afterwards, I would try getting off of the bike and on to a heating pad for 15 minutes followed by an ice pad for 15 minutes. Have you posted on the injury forum? There are some sharp guys in there that might be able to give you more advice as far as what you can do until you can see a specialist.


Thanks, i've been using these tips and my back has come along greatly, infact the pain is about 80% down.....just goin to rest it from anything that puts stress on it but can still manage some exercising.

Infact i'll probably ease of for at least another 3 weeks and see how it goes.

Just to add i hadn't done any weights since the injury, just HIIT on the bike but today did a pullups/chinups session which went pretty well, breaking it into an am and pm session.

Started at 25kg instead of the usual 40kg and did for am:

25kg 5x5
20kg 5x5
10kg 5x5
bw 5x5

for pm all at body weight:

wide grip pullups 5x5
shoulder with pullups 5x5
chinups with thumbs around the bar 5x5
chinups without thumbs 5x5

Seems like alot of volume but when i usually do back i normally have alot of rows in and chinsup/pullups etc and only train it once every 7 days so i think ive worked it well and now it's got a full 7days to rest.


Good to hear that things are feeling better


Finally back on it, being doing light complexes for the last few weeks and the back has felt great and decided to try deadlifting today. Managed to pull 160kgx6 @76kg bw which im happy well happy with as i was only pulling 190kg before my back injury and over a stone heavier.