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Chin Up


i just finish reading the "Keep Your Chin Up" article and i was wondering what type of schedule should i use for this program?


Don't use that program. I tried it and didn't get good results, as I know many others here have. There are a lot of better ways to increase the number of chin-ups you can do. It may just be the one less than ideal CT has written.


what would be a better program to increase my chin up's?


read ZEB post called "ZEb on chin-ups". It had helped me a great deal. The guy really knows his shit about chin-ups.


you could also PM Xen Nova. I know he's got some crazy pullup/chinup strength.


I have in the past, and he is a great person to contact. He will help you lots. He uses a Westside template with the vertical pull with as the ME exercise with some modifications.


Similar to Xen's system is some of the stuff James Smith of Powerdevelopment Inc has on his site. He has an article on Westside training for the dip and pull-up--dynamic effort, max effort, repetitive effort.

But do you really need to get this fancy if you don't already have 20 bodyweight chins and a chin with half your bodyweight in added weight? Probably not.