Chin -up vs Dip Strength

I’m curious as to what other people’s numbers look like in these 2 lifts and how they compare. I wanted to see if it was a common trend for dip strength to be greater than chins. I’m talking about full ROM. Depth similiar to this:

Chin ups - 45lbs for 6-8 solid reps.

Dips - 90lbs for 6


Chin ups - 25lbs for 6
Dip - 60lbs 5-6

Looks like about double…

Chins: 135x3
Dips: 135x5

I guess because I do more presses most of the time.

Chins: 60 x 5-6
Dips: 100 x 5

might not be too much of a correlation, just depends one what you work more.

Chins: 120x1
Dips: 70x1

Definitely strange ratio, but I’ve done a lot more pullups than dips.

I do:
chins bw + 35 pounds x8
dips bw +35 x8
back to back

I do military presses before the chins so triceps are a little prefatigued.

I am pretty sure that fresh I could do 40 x 8. So dips would be a little stronger for me.

dip - BW + 70 for 6
chin - BW + 65 for 5

both not all out so I probably could have gotten one maybe two extra reps on each

dips - 5 x25kg this is never the first exercise usually third( at the moment i do full body, so start with a push then a pull then a push)

chin ups 5 x 10kg(palms facing away) if i do these there generally first or second exercise)

Dip strength should definitely be higher than pull-up strength, for both reps and one rep max. I have seen lots of people do 150+ lb dips and never seen someone do a pull-up with that much weight. For reps I find most people can do about double the reps on dips as they can pull-up assuming they practice both.

For me personally it would be something like 100x20 dips and 100x2-4 pull-ups.

20-some reps dips, 12ish reps pullups.

50pds dips 6-7 reps, 30pds6-7 reps

My discrepancy is rather large, I think its because how horribly my chin/pullups stink not so much the strength of my dip.

Bw+60 for 6 reps of dips
BW only for 6 reps of chins.

90 x 3 chin
180 x 3 dips

1:2 here also.