Chin-Up Recommendations

Hello Christian,

If you have a moment I have a quick question about chin ups.

I read in one of your forum posts that many of your athletes perform 30 chins before every workout, I also read an article of yours which suggests 50 chin ups before every workout.

However, in your look like a bodybuilder perform like an athlete article you suggest that the best approach to training is a high frequency approach sometimes right up to 7 days a week.

You also state that excessive Lat work hurts shoulders more than excessive Pressing. But if we were to follow your chin up approach and your high frequency approach we would be performing 210-350 chins per week.

Would you kind clearing this up for me?


I too am interested in this as the mirror and the numbers both say that I need to get better at vertical pulls. I have decided I was going to do 20 pullups/chinups at the beginning of each workout as per a post of his I read recently here but am wondering if “greasing the groove” or doing 5 or so sets a day every day dispersed through the day would be a better/equally effective approach. I used to do that and found it worked, and moreso it’s easier for me to do as I don’t NOTICE any recovery drawbacks from doing so (but maybe there are some I can’t perceive) and I definitely notice doing 20 reps at the beginning slowing my workout down.