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Chin-Up / Pull-Up Bars for home use

Greetings, I was wondering if anyone here has a Home chin-up / pull-up bar? I am interested in something I could buy that I could attach to my rafters in my basement…

Go to a hardware store and buy some iron pipe

I bought a great chinup station at walmart for about $20. It can be installed inside the house on a doorframe. It has a straight bar and two parallel bars, so you can do chins with pronated supinated grip and with palms facing each other. I forgot the name of the product, something like home gym, it is sold in a flat plastic box. I think I am the only one who bought it because I can see the same boxes lying on the shelf for a year now.

I bought one from Champs sports that can be taken in and out of the door as needed. It has a variety of grips so you can do pronated, semi-supinated and supinated chins from a close-, medium- or wide-grip. It only cost $30 and is one of the best pieces of equipment I’ve bought.