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Chin-Up Plateau and Smith Machine Squats

Hi couch , I was hoping you could possibly give some advice on chin ups you recommend them to me given my job but can’t seem to break past 6 reps , I can do 2 sets max with decent break in between any suggestions , I also read about leg day in Smith machine station I liked the squat variation how far should feet come out n weight used to , last thing hamstring development I love rdls but as of late my lower back takes over no matter the weight any advice is appreciated thanks last thing that squat variation puts no pressure on back thanks

Do 7 sets of 4 reps every day.

Use some eccentric only chin ups for a while. This way you’ll be able to do more than 6 reps. I would do that twice a week starting at 4 sets of 6 reps and increasing the reps each week from there by 2. After 6 weeks try doing more than 6 reps of concentric rep pullups.

For the smith machine squat stance, if you’re trying to bias the quads then you’re going to want a high degree of knee flexion at the bottom. So just start with a few steps forwards. You want your knees over your toes at the bottom.

If you feel RDL’s in your low back then it means you’re not hinging hard enough at the hips. You need to push your butt back really hard and keep the bar in close to you. If the bar is far away from you then it changes the lever arm so that it’s far away from the back, and then that becomes the area that has to overcome the resistance the most.

Thank you so much I’ll definitely do that chin progression , as for the squats it’s pretty much by feel then right. Rdls I’m going to practice technique to get back in the groove I used to do them no problem , till then seated leg curls and high feet placement for hams/glutes decent place to start thanks a lot for the advice also since I’ve read more of your articles n advice it’s helped training to be more enjoyable now I’m not stuck with a thou shall only do this never, years ago I would have used Smith machine or lay off the big three till now especially with job lol