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Chin-Up Frequency


CT, I am currently running 5/3/1 in the Triumvirate form. My assistance on Mondays (Overhead Press) calls for 5x10 for chins. Now, I can't make it all the way through the sets. I always hit failure much earlier on. I am looking for extra mass on my back and was wondering what your thoughts were on setting a rep goal of 50 or so and using as many sets as needed to hit that goal a few times a week.

Would this work with 5/3/1 just fine? How do you think it would affect my back growth? Or, do you have any other suggestions? My primary focus is strength, but I am really lacking when it comes to back musculature. Thanks in advance.


I imagine CT will answer but I thought I might give you a quick 2 cents. Are you saying you can't get 10 reps for each set? Just get 50 reps, however many sets that takes you.


Yes, that's what I do. I like to add bodyweight exercises at the end of my sessions and it is normally for a total of 50 reps.. for example 50 ring dips and 50 pull ups... the goal is to get the reps in as little sets at possible, so gradually over time work on decreasing the amount of sets/time it takes you to complete everything.


Okay, thanks for the feedback and quick responses. How many times a week do you think I could do this? Do you think I could get away with two or three times a week?




you should either do them daily, with lower volume (25 reps say) and steadily increase your daily volume.

or you could start with 50 reps each session, starting with 2-3 sessions a week and build up to 6-7 days.

this way you won't burn out, and potentially progress quickly.

one thing that i think everyone should be mindful of, is that doing an exercise daily usually results in varying performance across the week. often you will find yourself managing a few reps LESS than the day before. its important not to be discouraged, as high frequency programming is subject to so many external factors (diet, stress, tiredness etc.). instead you should review you progress on a weekly basis.


Thanks so much for the responses. I'll get to it.