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Chin Up Fail



Sorry, I looked for it on youtube, but couldn't find it.

I wonder if this would have happened had he not tried kipping? Probably, I guess.


He would have landed on his feet.

Way more awesome this way.




^I agree. had he not tried kipping we wouldn't have this video for laughs. Just one more reason for me to dislike kipping.


Kipping isn't inherently bad. Not knowing how to install a pullup bar is.


What good does kipping do for a bodybuilder? I could see a few kips near the end of a set, but to initiate a set with kips is dumb.


When I was in high school I put in a chin up bar in the doorframe between the kitchen and the backdoor. It was held in by two brackets and you twisted the bar to make it telescope longer to rest securely in the brackets. When I wasn't doing pullups I was doing idiotic bruce lee flying kicks out the back door by swinging from the bar.

So after a few dozen of these swings I must have loosened it to the point that it was barely resting in the brackets. The next time I got my full weight on the bar it came out of the brackets and I pulled it straight into my mouth (given that I had my muscles primed to lift my entire bodyweight).

Split my lip and was lucky not to lose any teeth.


It doesn't. I don't think anybody advocates bodybuilders do kips.
I think I once heard a corssfitter equate a kipped pullup vs. a strict pullup to a clean vs. deadlift+reverse curl.
Or something like that.
Wouldn't want to ever strap on a weight belt and kip though!


lol kipping. And all this time i thought you guys were misspelling kicking.



DAMN! I was!


I guess that was too good for the demotivational thread


The volume and magnitude of the stupidity I hear from the majority of crossfitters makes me want to vomit.

You should have slapped him in the face and told him to stfu.




Oh man, that was funny.

In the house I grew up in, we had a chinup bar in the hallway inbetween my moms room and mine. My brothers and I used to open both bedroom doors so we had a 'hallway' to get a running start before leaping to grab the bar.

One day my older brother and I were having a contest who could jump the farthest and grab the bar.

So, I got a running start, jumped as far as I fuckin' could, and was only able to wrap my finger tips around the bar. By the time inertia carried by body to a near horizontal angle, my finger tips gave out and I landed flat on my back. Knocked the wind out of me and everything. Shit hurt like hell.

Looking back, though, if it were on camera and slow-mo'd, I'm sure it'd be one of the funnier things I've seen in a while.


Brothers: Making poor decisions since Cain and Abel.


That was hilarious. I bet your wife of 25yrs was pissed about the ceiling though.


This is mostly likely the consequence of a "Vid or it didn't happen!" post. LMAO!

Edit: Thanks for my new avi!


Indeed it was...MOM!


That's why they call it a "drop ceiling".



I keep replaying it in my head. Priceless!

When we were kids, we had a chin-up bar that telescoped out to hang in a doorway, like somebody else described. My dad was leaving for a trip early one morning and came in to my room to kiss me goodbye. It was still dark and he clotheslined himself on that thing. He ripped it down, took it out in the yard and beat the hell out of it, against a rock wall. That was the end of us having a chin-up bar.