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Chin-up/Dip Belt

Does any one have recommendations for a chin-up and dip belt? Ironmind has one for $50, but I don’t know if it’s necessary to spend that much. Let me know what you all think.

I don’t have any other sources, but I’m curious about this as well.

This one’s been done to death on the forum too guys. Just use your old lifting belt, (Yeah, we know you’ve got one in the back of the cupboard somewhere!) and join a small chain onto the buckle with a carabiner. Presto!

put the weights in a backpack

I got one for $30, but you could probably make one yourself pretty easily I imagine.

I made my own for a couple of dollars. I got two triangular shaped peices of metal. and some seatbelt material and some rope and a piece of metal like a big nail. There was no sewing, no anything involved, just clever use of placement of the material. I will see if i can post a pic on the photo forum as i cant explain it in words but it may take a while.

I use my old weight lifting belt with a rope. Works fine. Bagpacks can work but usually they don’t old much weight, mine ripped with a single 45 pounder.

Thanks guys for the ideas. I guess I’m going to try using a backpack. I will probably try to reinforce it first though with extra stitching and tape.

I appreciate the responses, but I’m also looking for options which will support 150+lb load. How do these home-build belts hold up?

I’m not saying you shouldn’t buy or make a chin belt, but another option would be to work on one-arm chins. If you’re already doing reps with bodyweight+150lbs. then a one-arm chin can’t be that far off (depending on your bodyweight).

I made my own chin/dip belt with an old lifter’s belt. I went to the local hardward store and spent about 7 bucks. I got a small metal ring (about the size of a baseball), an S-hook, and some chain. I bent one end of the S-hook around the ring and voila. I can slide the ring on and off the belt, and all I have to do is add the chain. As far as the load, I’ve done up to 100 lbs, and I think it could handle 150, but I sure as hell can’t :wink: Hope this helps.

Ive done 2 dips with 185 pounds hanging off the belt, cant see it breaking ever. Infact themore weight you hang off the belt the more secure it is. Ill see if i can borrow a camera from somewhere. Im on placement away from home at the moment :(.

Tony: The +150lbs is for dips, not chinups, unfortunately. I only wish I could achieve such loading! I did manage to crack into triple digits for a single last workout. Immediate goal is BW(175)+120lb in the coming months.

Chris: Well, that certainly answers my question! I’m going to have to start experimenting…