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Chin Up Bars

Any of you guys use chin up bars at home? If so, could you give me a brand name that is easy to install. Thanks,
Ron Jeremy

Kanak Enterprises makes The Door Gym. It is self-supporting, so it doesn’t need screws or anything that will trash your doorway. I found it on many websites. It works great!

I use a VKR tower, you can get them pretty cheap and they are free-standing so you can put it anywhere.

Champs sells it’s own brand of chin-up bar that can be taken in and out as needed. It has a variety of grips and works great. And it can hold up to 300lbs (as long as your doorjam is strong enough). It only cost $30 and is worth every penny. I love my chin bar!

Nate Dogg, what the hell are you doin’ on that chin up bar??? :wink:

Thanks for the information guys, man this forum is great!
Ron Jeremy

Maclar, me and my chin-up bar are one. We have a special love for each other that can’t be beat. As I reach into the air, I securely wrap my fingers around the grip. I hold it tightly, an embrace more powerful than…Whoa! Sorry, got off track. I was getting into my Penthouse Forum article. Ha ha ha ha ha! I attribute my chin-up bar to my fantastic back development (which I get compliments on often). It’s all good. Although, now I have to focus on rowing movements, as it has become a weakness.