chin up bars

i just moved and have found a great spot in my new place for a pull up bar. Any suggestions?

Yeah, get one. :wink:

Go to a local shop & get them to custom-make one for ~$10 while you wait ~15mins.

Hey, I’ve been thinking about the exact same thing for my place, there’s about 1/2 acre of open space and I wanted to put a chin bar somewhere near the shaded tree line. What would be a good procedure for putting in an outside chinning bar? Will I have to dig a hole and pour a cement foundation with the vertical parts of the chin bar lodged inside? Any other reccomendations? I’ve messed around with those friction-hold chin bars that you can put in a doorway…they worked good for a while, then one day, I was going for a new chin record…the bar slipped…and I’ve been paranoid about the damned things ever since. I want permanence :slight_smile:

elegua, you could tie a pair of Metolius Rock Rings from a high branch and do chins off them. Ask nursery staff how to load a branch without injuring the tree. Shift the rings further apart and you can work on your iron cross.

elegua: Buy a used swingset (I guess it´s called that.) and use it for chins, it will hold and if the bar is to thick just make a hook-on thinner bar.

This might be a silly idea, but I have always thought that a EZ curl bar would make a good pull up bar. With the bar facing down, so the zig-zags go horizontally, you could chin/pull-up with grips that go beyond supinted, neutral, pronated. ie- a chin with your hands at about 45*. This could add a great new stimulation to all your pulling muscles. I would hang one from a tree branch and level it up and start pulling. Good luck and let me know if you try it!

I just thought of something: make sure that you secure the bar so it doesn’t rotate! That could really f*+k up your wrists if it rotated!

wherever you decide to put it you’ll get more out of it if you put a towel over the bar and chin that way.
Good luck

Who are you kidding J, you know you don’t like to do pullups in the privacy of your own home…you’d much rather be showcasing doing behind the neck pullups at the gym. By the way, if you see this soon, write me and let me know how things are progressing over there.

I bought a very nice chin up station in walmart for $20. It can be installed in a doorframe, has parallel grip bars in addition to the regular bar.