Chin Up Bars At Home?

Is there such a thing as a good chin up bar for home use?

If I haven’t been able to make it to the gym I do as many push-ups, ab roll outs and pull-ups on a door frame for a quick simple workout.

Grab onto a door and do pull-ups. Lots of fun.

Chin-ups? No chance unless you just go and buy a chinning bar station like that at gyms or happen to have your own power rack.

Or you can grab a towel, and throw it over a suitable object (such as a tree branch.

Spry recommends hanging on the door frame, which is the cheapest method. Sadly, I have never found any door frame capable of doing so. Neither has my home some rafters or beams sticking out, I had to look for other solutions

The first solution is the “chin up door frame bars” which cost about $20. These are pretty useful, unless you want to
a)add weight, because most doors are not high enough to accommodate the weight hanging down and the total weight may be too high for the bar.
b) use variations with wider grip than your door frame allows for

The second would be a fixed installation hanging from the ceiling or the walls. This needs to be fixed with screws, so depending where you live, that might be a problem. Those usually go for about $50 to $100

The third would be a chin-up rack. This is the most expensive solution, but doesn’t need you to drill holes in you wall. I don’t know how cheap you can get one of those, the one from costs as much as my whole power rack… :wink:

I guess I got lucky…when I was growing up, in front of the furnace, there were 2x6’s or 2x8’s or whatever they make the ceilings (floors if you’re upstairs looking down)…and someone made a nice little contraption there to do pullups on. It’s pretty simple in design…

Two small, maybe 2-foot long 2x4’s screwed into the sides of the 2x6’s, hanging straight down. Then they put a 2x4 right onto the sides of those 2x4’s…There were some j-hooks or whatever attached to it, I guess someone used to hang their coats there. But I removed the hooks and did pull-ups there.

Here, I drew a picture…

I had a bad experience with the chinup door bar :
When I was moving out,I tried to unscrew the screws with the screwdriver but I set it with too much power and I “flattened” the head of the screws…dammit!
I left the chinupe bar there…the landlord dind’t mind…

You can get a chin-up bar at WalMart for like $20. It screws into a door frame. I use it every day.