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Chin Up Bar

Anyone know of a good quality chin up bar? A link?

Quality is important — I’m 264 pounds.

I think I know the thing for a 264lbs man crazy enought to try chin up’s.


More power to you, good luck with it big guy!


Not sure if price would be an issue for you, but this set up from Torque Athletic is plenty strong and then some…plus it is quite portable, which is a feature I happen to like very much.


try pullupbar.com I think theirs is rated to hold 320lbs

also try gymcor.com these are both portable door mount variety

I always thought this one looked cool:

Doorway Gym

I bought a freestanding chin/dip/leg raise tower cheap on craigslist fyi.

There is a guy named barstoolguy that sells nice ones. I ordered mine a while back, it mounts to the rafter and is rated at 2400 lbs. The sellers is pretty nice too, he will customize length and the risers for mounting.


Thank you, everyone! The research begins…

Also, if you are after a freestanding affair I would recommend the Spartan Power Tower (first addition without the crappy Roman chair attachment) which as Jillybop says can be picked up on Craig’s List at a bargain price.