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Chin/dip Strength


In the chin/dip PB thread one of the responders remarks that the poster has an imbalance. Should you be able chin as much as you dip? Because I Dip 100x5 and chin 60x1.


I don't think that's an imbalance. I have a similar breakdown between dips and chins % wise.


Well my chins and dips are damn near equal. Which is to say, weak and weak. Maybe someone who knows something will chime in.


You should be able to Dip more than you Chin. I forgot the ratio but will look it up in my notes.


My dips always been stronger than my chin, currently i can dip bw(200lbs) + 75lbs for 3 reps and i can chin bw + 45lbs for 2 reps.


At bw I could get 25+ dips but I doubt more than 15 chins, most people I know would be the same


I have bad shoulder pain when I try to do dips and it feels like the joints in my chest squeeze together whenever I hit paralell. Am I just week or is this a joint thing (I can do 10 pull-ups)?


Dips and chins are not antagonist exercises. The torso muscle activation for both exercises is similar, with the exception of the deltoids (rear for pullups versus anterior for dips). The main difference is that pullups strain the biceps/brachialis/grip, and dips strain the triceps. I think if your brachialis and biceps are as strong as your triceps, THEN you have to start worrying about imbalances.

These exercises tend to be lumped together because of their reliance on bodyweight as opposed to any physiological reasons. A more appropriate antagonist exercise for pullups would be military presses. A good antagonist exercise for dips (to the extent that there even is one) would be cleans or perhaps shrugs.

I would be interested in the appropriate ratio between dips and pullups though.



I'm still interested to find out the normal ratio of chin and dip strength, so this is a little bump.

And KombatAthlete, it might be the width of your dip station causing your shoulder discomfort. They usually make the handles too wide for fat newbs to do leg raises.