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Chills - Side Effect from Test?

I just started my first cycle. Test E only, 500mg/week, 250mg EOD.

I’m getting hot sweats/chills throughout the day. It’s also finals week, so I’ve been averaging about 3-4 hours of sleep a night and tons of caffeine.

Could this be the test? I’m only on my second week. Does anyone else get this side effect? I have an AI, which I haven’t started taking yet, would that help?

you should have already started your AI with the start of test.

and no.

You could have the test flu. Google test flu and see if your symptoms match. It happen to me so it could happen to you.

In my case it was my first cycle and the first few days into it. Took almost a week to get better ate lots if Tylenol. I never went off cycle and got better did drop the dose while I was sick though. I think it was because I was injecting a new substance into me and my body took a few days to get use to it. 3 cycles later it never happen again sense the first time.

FYI if you are doing 250mg EOD thats 750mg a week not 500mg

I’m sorry i meant 250mg 2x/week.

All my gym buddies are telling me they get a lot of sides from the arimidex, so I’ve been kind of nervous, the consensus on here is to take it just to be safe though, no?

It could be test flu for sure, I live in dormitories and everyone is sick and stressed.

Its not the type of flu you catch from someone. Its your body saying what the FUCK are you putting into me. Chillis, a bit of a head ach and feeling like ass is how I felt. Did go away tho

[quote]lens_d wrote:

FYI if you are doing 250mg EOD thats 750mg a week not 500mg

875 actually

Legitimate human grade test e. never did this to me. Sustanon always does. With Sustanon, I’m tired, achey and have chills for the first week. Test cyp too. Sometimes I think the body reacts to the ester like a foreign invader in the and ups it’s immune responses.

It could also be contaminated underground crap test e. When I used to get pure, clean, human grade test enanthate, I never got sick. Who knows what contaminants are in the underground stuff that people make in their kitchens.