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Chili and Oranges

I have two questions.

  1. Is (beef) chili best to be eaten only post workout? The recipe in JB’s cookbook says so and I was surprised. I know there is some sugar in the onions and tomatoes, is that the reason why its a PW meal? It’s a staple in my daily diet, any comments if I should change that?

  2. Which fruits are better than others? I really like oranges, but they were not on JB’s fruit list in his new article. Does anyone know the sugar content of fruits (for instance, it would be nice to have a scale of good to bad with fruits).


To answer your question on fruit. Do a google search on “Glycemic index”. You want fruits that are low on the GI index. Oranges, bananas, and pineapple are examples of fruit that are high on the GI…but they are great for post workout snacks and best to be eaten in the morning.

The best low GI fruits are berries (strawberries are really low - blueberries are a little higher, but have the highest anti-oxidant content)
Apples are great and cheap - try it with some natural peanut butter for your protein mid-morning or late afternoon snack.


  1. Depends on what is in your chili. Some is not fit to eat at all. LOL Chili varies so much it’s hard to say. If you make it yourself just control what you make it out of for when you want to have it.

  2. Sure oranges are a bit higher in Gi and II than some fruits, also lower than some other. I say eat the orange today, apple tomorrow, pear the next time. Variety my friend.

Hope that helps,