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Children of Doping Athletes Deformed


Take a look at this article I just found:


What do you guys think about this? The article gives alot of percentages but it doesn't go into detail about what the athletes used.


edit it and add the h to the http. that should fix it right away.


"One of the former athletes, the cyclist Uwe Tromer, was part of the study and told German reporters "the retirement age I will no longer reach". He suffered a debilitating stroke a year ago."

Right. So, why aren't they saying that cycling causes strokes?

It would be a bit odd if none of the 52 athletes had a CVA between the ages of 40-60.

Both of my grandparents on my paternal side have had strokes, and going with the level of reasoning shown in this study - it would be fair to say they both used AAS.

Actually, my grandmother is german so you never know...


Those were also periods of experimental drugs and dosing regimes. We probably don't even know half of the shit they experimented with. If you look at the shit they did during the Nazi era that it wouldn't be surprising if they did some very crazy stuff with their athletes. I doubt anything like that would happen now. Interesting article though, thanks for posting it.


Not to mention the black market which existed with coaches and athletes adding to the state doping regimen. Usually the top coaches and athletes had the best back channel pharma hook up.

On top of this athletes in the GDR were notorious for their partying and alcohol abuse was rampant along with the doping. Poor diets, high doses of unknown drugs, you do the math.

Also, if they were to compare the health problems with Eastern Bloc countries which they were part of, the discrepencies amongst a lot of the rates are much less.


That, is a very good point.


i'd also like to see a breakdown for children of female athletes vs. children of male athletes as i suspect that the kids of females will be affect much worse.

the asthma thing is a joke as most of that is diet related.

finally, i don't doubt that some of the more exotic or rare compounds used did have serious side effects, but this is not a case of them showing that a little test, deca, or eq was responsible for the apocalypse which is what the uninformed author of the piece was trying to imply. imagine the scoop they think they have when they find out that the pill is steroids too!


East German athletes in that time period were experimenting on a whole lot more than just AAS.

You don't hear about those from the generation of Danny Padilla or Schwarzenegger having deformed kids.