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Children Getting Bad Presents


If some weeks ago it was "I ate all your candy" now it's time for bad presents!


No, take a look at this mom from China.

You know that thing where the 5 year-old is stubborn about something so he or she just stands still and the parent threatens to leave them there and walk away so the kid starts crying?

Well this stupid fucking mom did it but in the middle of a street and a fucking car hit the kid!



At least they helped her this time...


"well tell him to suck my balls!". Kids say the cutest things.

And why are the fat people always so emotional?


That little bitch will probably NEVER give her mom a hard time again!

But seriously... two adults couldn't pick up a small troublesome child and carry her off the street? I mean, one of the fears we have as parents is that our child might get hit by a car!


"Tell him he can suck my balls!"

I geeked for a solid minute after that...momma better get out the soap


While I like the comedy bit, and some of the reactions were funny/cute, the ones that pitched a fit a cried like a fat slob saying "I hate you" and the punk bitch that said "suck my balls" are a perfect reflection of our youth and shitty parenting these days.

If I reacted that way my Dad would have beat my ass, and rest assured he wouldn't have posted it on youtube showcasing what a tool of a parent it make you out to be for letting your kids talk to that way. Parents need to PARENT more and kids need to have their ass beat more. Our country has turned into one big sloppy vagina.....


just because that's often the case, doesn't make it right. You racist, oh wait...


From the way the kid smiled, I think the 'suck my balls' comment was set up.


No way, that kid knew he was in trouble and did it anyways. It was a goofy nervous smile.


Agreed. The only kids I would give presents to after that would be the girl who ate the rotten banana and the other little girl who was trying so hard to appreciate the half eaten sandwich. "I like it when you cook dinner such as hot pockets" LOL.

The other kids were a bunch of ungrateful little shits. When I was a kid my grandma would always give us bad presents that were for kids like 5 years younger than us but we always smiled and hugged and thanked her.


I've been pulling these on my nieces and nephews for the last couple years.
The first Christmas I got them all coconuts.
The next year I got a present for one with a present for another inside and so on until the last one was a present for me.

Then after that I got them all a picture of myself.
I got to say they took it pretty well, one even kept the picture for like two years. I feel bad though cause now they don't even open my gifts.


I like this.

Now, if they really don't open your gifts anymore, you should get them something really cool that you also would like to have.

When they don't open your gifts, say 'Fine, I'll keep them". And then open the presents in front of them.

Be sure to video tape it.