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Children Are Our Future



You can't grow up to be big and strong without Chocolate Milk.



The Teenage Years.


heres a kid losing his shit over WoW


Should have got a PS3.


This sort of stuff actually makes me cringe. My brother is going down that route.


Wow! Chocolate milk boy would have lasted about 10 seconds with me. I guess I’m the mean mommy.

Happily my kids have no interest in that stuff at all.

Thank Christ


thats why i dont use the damn headset when i play Xbox at my friends house. but he goes all out tryin to argue with them and im just sittin there like wow, dude why do you even talk to these kids? who gives a fuck its a game.


[quote]hypnotoad wrote:
heres a kid losing his shit over WoW

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwql6_RJ348 [/quote]

My brother used to be crazy about that shit.


[quote]hypnotoad wrote:
heres a kid losing his shit over WoW

lol at “yo jose. jose. that is some of the weirdest shit i have ever heard. how old is that kid?”



I find shit like this far scarier than kids flipping out over video games. :expressionless:


This is the original angry gaming kid




Holy shit. Awesome acting.